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LocaModa 4.0 Simplifies Place-Based Applications and Advertising

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LocaModa logoPlatform Delivers Ease of Use, Robust Scalability, Standard Advertising Units and Enhanced Location Engagement

LocaModa today announced the latest version of its place-based social media platform. LocaModa 4.0 builds on the company’s experience delivering the world’s first place-based versions of Twitter, Facebook Places and Foursquare for global brands, place-based networks and advertising agencies.

Stephen Randall, CEO of LocaModa said, “The integration of place-based media with mobile and social technologies is consistently in the top five predictions for the future of our industry. Yet very few companies have wrestled with the realities of integrating these technologies at scale. With LocaModa 4.0, we’ve simplified that process and that in turn helps our licensees create more engaging and valuable location experiences.”

LocaModa 4.0 has a new user interface designed to improve the workflow of our licensees. Its intuitive navigation allows users to easily create and edit a variety of social media applications that meet the demands of their customers.

Features include:

  • Twitter streams based on localized content, hashtags, or users
  • Real-time moderation of tweets, SMS messaging and photos
  • Foursquare venue data and Venue Tip management
  • Facebook Places data
  • Application configuration engine
  • Integrated Advertising Units making it easier for brands and agencies to advertise

In addition to the feature set, LocaModa 4.0 provides a robust and scalable framework designed to meet the needs of networks. Network level navigation and functionality has improved significantly providing easy-to-use venue administration, device provisioning, screen creation and content moderation. The system accommodates any size network by enabling multiple social streams, tags, configurations and rules to be instantly deployed to ten venues or ten thousand venues. Location aware applications such as Foursquare and Facebook are handled automatically giving each venue a unique screen.

Venue owners are also provided streamlined access and functionality. The simplified, venue specific user interface allows the venue owner to focus on the unique needs of their business. Individual venue permission levels are controlled by the networks; this allows the networks to maintain, share, or delegate screen and content creation and moderation responsibilities on a venue-by-venue basis.

LocaModa 4.0 will be on display at booth #1032 of the Digital Signage Expo, taking place from February 22nd to 25th, in Las Vegas.

About LocaModa (

LocaModa is a place-based social media company helping locations engage customers and brands engage audiences.

LocaModa uses social media as a way to build value for the world’s leading digital place-based networks and brands. LocaModa’s patented platform turns real-time social media into highly localized services and applications for digital place-based networks, venues, event organizers and advertisers. LocaModa enables networks reaching over 100,000,000 people every month in the U.S. in over 15,000 high-traffic locations (for example in cafes, supermarkets, bars, quick-serve restaurants, colleges, stadiums and on digital billboards in Times Square and Las Vegas).

LocaModa is a privately held company headquartered in Cambridge, MA.

Source: LocaModa

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