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St. Aidan’s Academy: Transformation of Communications with User Friendly Digital Signage

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St Aidan Academy using Onelan Digital Signage SolutionSt Aidan’s Academy are a Church of England secondary school funded by the government, and sponsors the Church of England and business entrepreneurs Anne and David Crossland. The school became an Academy in September 2007, providing 700 places for local 11 to 16 year olds. The school is committed to working with the community and to developing family and adult learning.

Project objectives
Digital Signage has been adopted by St Aidan’s Academy to communicate with both staff and students, and to promote the school to visitors. There was also a requirement to enable each department to promote their own activities.

Alan Dick, Assistant Principal, at St Aidan’s Academy, first saw ONELAN’s Net-Top-Boxes (NTBs) at the BETT show in 2009, and having researched their capabilities, decided to install digital signage.

What is installed
One NTB615 Publisher unit is installed in the Academy’s Server Room. In addition there are eleven NTB610 Subscriber units using Smart-e CAT5e SLX111units to distribute the signal to display screens throughout the school. One of these screens is in reception, another in the library, two are located in the canteen, and the others are situated in various open spaces throughout the site.

How to do it
Currently St. Aidan’s are using Channel Manager to update the NTB610 Subscriber units with new content and information. This is being run as a single channel using the Ad Hoc feature to allow local content to be added to specific screens. A third party IPTV system is being used to drive video on demand (VOD) across the digital signage network. The system is managed centrally by a Network Manager, and an initiative is now underway whereby a number of hubs has been created, each with their own Manager responsible for hub content.

Digital signage content
A wide range of content is displayed, including photographs of events and activities at the school, media, exam information, canteen menus and opening details, examination timetables, PowerPoint presentations, and news reels. In addition each house has recently completed a ‘day in the life’ video that is displayed on the digital signage.

End result – end user feedback
“The introduction of the ONELAN solution has transformed communication between staff and students. The solution is so user friendly and accessible that we have a number of staff actively controlling the 14 LCD screens throughout the building, displaying a variety of information including canteen menus, exam information, student presentations and notices” says Alan Dick, Assistant Principal at St. Aidan’s.

Source: ONELAN

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