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Ayuda Media Systems Launches OpenSplash – a free, open source digital signage player

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At the Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) 2011, Ayuda Media Systems (“Ayuda”) unveiled its plan to revolutionize the digital signage industry by open-sourcing its proprietary Splash Digital Signage Player. The newly named “OpenSplash” is set to foster a wave of innovation across the sector.

OpenSplash is a versatile, multi-platform media player that supports various content formats including H.264 1080p video, Flash, and HTML5. It is capable of running on Linux, Windows, and Android operating systems, ensuring broad compatibility. This free, open-source solution can integrate with any content management system (CMS), catering to a wide range of digital signage needs.

Andreas Soupliotis, President and CEO of Ayuda, expressed his enthusiasm about the initiative: “By making OpenSplash available to everyone, we aim to standardize the digital signage player across the industry, enabling focused innovation on next-generation signage solutions rather than iterative enhancements.”

Transforming Digital Signage Landscapes

OpenSplash is not just another digital signage player; it is designed to be a comprehensive solution that can adapt to various functionalities—from simple playlist management to dynamic content handling and video wall support. Its architecture allows for integration with standard web services, pulling schedules and content seamlessly from any SaaS-based CMS.

The strategic move to open-source OpenSplash is expected to reduce development costs significantly, particularly for large networks that typically invest in custom-built CMS and player systems. This initiative also promises considerable benefits for screen vendors and digital out-of-home (DOOH) aggregators by simplifying integration processes and enabling unified campaign reporting across multiple networks.

Industry Support and Future Prospects

The announcement has garnered support from key industry figures, including Adrian Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief of DailyDOOH, who stated, “This open-source initiative will undoubtedly catalyze further innovation and development within the digital signage industry, bringing in fresh talent and possibly even academic involvement.”

Ayuda plans to release OpenSplash to the public in Q2 of 2011. The company is also developing an open-source community portal, which will serve as a hub for support forums, shared source code, and documentation, ensuring ongoing enhancements and collaboration within the community.

About Ayuda Media Systems

Founded in 2003 by former Microsoft employees, Ayuda is a pioneer in providing advanced ERP solutions for the out-of-home (OOH) advertising industry. Their products, including BMS, Splash, and Symphony, integrate a range of functionalities such as sales and proposal generation, invoicing, and content management, catering to over a quarter of a billion dollars in OOH billing.

For more information about Splash, visit www.ayudasystems.com.

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Notes from Editor: Ayuda Media systems no longer in operation, so removed the website links.

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