March 31, 2023

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GoGo Cast to Provide Superior Digital Signage to Xtra Mart Convenience Store Locations from Maine through Maryland

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The agreement calls for deployment of GoGo Cast’s high-definition Go-Screen’s™ into 150 Xtra Mart Convenience Stores.

GoGo Cast Inc., a global leader in Dynamic Digital Out of Home (DOOH) media networks, today announced an in-store partnership with Xtra Mart, for the use of GoGo Cast’s high definition Go-Screen’s™ in 150 Xtra Mart stores throughout Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York, Pennsylvania and Maryland.

GoGo Cast’s unique, industry-leading dynamic digital sign and advertising solution will aid Xtra Mart convenience stores and others like them in engaging customers with significant and useful information. Xtra Mart will use GoGo Cast’s exclusive customer and location data to create streaming content that is tailored for each of their locations. This solution gives Xtra Mart and their suppliers the ability to reach a captive in-store audience by delivering practical and effective messages at precisely the right time to help influence buying decisions directly at the point of purchase. Based on several convenience store installations, Xtra Mart is expected to see a significant increase in sales for products advertised on the screens.

For shoppers, the content not only enhances the store experience by supplying weather, traffic and local news, but also helps them make smart purchasing decisions and be aware of sale prices and special promotions. For advertisers, the network provides an additional opportunity to highlight key selling points, complementing traditional point-of-purchase advertising. Content is dynamically delivered through GoGo Cast’s high definition Go-Screen’s™ in key store locations within each store.

“We’ve looked into digital signage in the past, but we were unable to find the technology that would supply meaningful and informative content to our customers while giving our vendors the opportunity to communicate directly with the consumers of their products,” said Rob Corona, Director of Purchasing at Xtra Mart. “GoGo Cast has really done their research. This innovative program will not only enhance our customer’s shopping experience, it will also build our customer loyalty and brand awareness.”

The agreement between GoGo Cast and Xtra Mart calls for installation of Go-Screen’s™ digital displays in all of its 150 company operated convenience stores by the end of the second quarter 2011.

“GoGo Cast is excited to launch a new and exclusive in-store program for Xtra Mart and their vendors,” said David Paolo, President and CEO of GoGO Cast. “Having the ability to provide this narrowcasting tool to convenience stores like Xtra Mart, has really proven to be a valuable asset for retailers and brands alike for its effectiveness in reaching a critical mass of qualified buyers,” Paolo concluded.

About GoGo Cast, Inc.
GoGo Cast, Inc. is an on-demand, out-of-home digital media company that enables customers to directly communicate with their clientele across vertical markets. Using an aggregated network of digital media and audience-targeted content, GoGo Cast delivers direct-to-consumer advertising that enables retailers, brands, manufactures, advertisers and promoters to reach highly targeted audiences, influence brand choice and receive measurable results. With GoGo Cast’s content network and commercial grade digital screens; advertisers can deliver messages that influence consumer buying decisions at the right place, at the right time.

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About Drake Petroleum Company, Inc./ Xtra Mart
Drake Petroleum Company, Inc./ DBA Xtra Mart Convenience Stores (a subsidiary of Warren Equities, Inc.) a petroleum marketing organization, is one of New England’s largest independent petroleum distributors. Drake has been providing quality products and service to its customers since 1958. Drake distributes refined petroleum products through a network of company owned service stations and convenience stores. This network has over 200 convenience stores and over 300 supply accounts positioned in 10 northeastern U.S. states from Maine to Virginia. Drake is a distributor of a wide selection of major gasoline brands, which include Mobil, Shell, Sunoco, Citgo, Gulf, BP, Exxon, Valero, and offers unbranded fuel including Xtra Fuels. Drake is one of the Northeast’s largest independent distributors engaged in the marketing and distribution of energy products; principally gasoline, diesel fuel and Kerosene.

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