Tuesday, September 26, 2023

NEWS Healthy times on the Horizon with DOOH deployment

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Horizon says that its digital signage can bolster in-classroom teachings on healthy eating

Children in three Philadelphia schools are having nutritional information conveyed to them on digital signage developed collaboratively by Horizon Software and its partner Touchtown.

The SourceBoard offerings, which are currently being run as part of a pilot scheme which the companies hope will be rolled out to 100 schools, also deliver school news, activity announcements and other menu information.

“With the regulations moving toward more communication of nutrition information, and the media focus on the national Let’s Move campaign to raise a healthier generation of kids, this solution could not be timelier,” says Randy Eckels, president of Horizon. “Digital signs are an effective tool to help inform, educate and empower students to make healthier choices.”

Under new legislation that affects K-12 school nutrition programmes, Horizon states that it identified a need for schools to have effective means to advise students on types of foods. The company adds that the content carried on the digital signage can augment the in-classroom education children receive on the importance of leading healthy lifestyles.

Source: Horizon Software

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