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Digital Signage kiosks – Best of both worlds

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ClariView Digital PosterThere was an article written not too long ago, on static Vs Digital signage. At that time it was determined static signage will fade out but not without a fight as there are certain cases where it still reigns supreme, the conclusion was made a cross between the two would make for a excellent combination solution. ClariView Limited saw this gap in the market and is proudly launching a Digital poster integrated with a light box.

The solution allows the digital poster to be implemented within a location with the unique integrated light box, so that personal branding/sponsorship can be used on the display. This can be easily changed which makes this a versatile digital signage Digital Poster.

ClariView Limited has always had the view of producing unique digital signage solutions, whether it be the touch screen digital poster / kiosk or adding a computer to a digital poster / wall mounted display, rather than the conventional digital signage player which may be suitable to more complex and larger networks.

ClariView saw a need for a solution which was built on more familiar grounds, where specialist technical knowledge would NOT be needed. Where anyone with sound PC knowledge can operate or trouble shoot. Other than operation it allows for a much stable platform for digital signage, signage players are known to break down, resulting in high chance of data loss and expensive technical support being needed.

The Display can also (as with any of the ClariView Displays) be integrated with a touch screen panel and a computer. The display as standard comes with a simple media player which can be utilised as a plug and upload player. So users can upload content as easily as inserting a USB into the media player and it will load the content to a built in CF card.

About ClariView

ClariView ltd are a company who offer a complete range of Digital Signage Solutions both touch screen and none touch screen. Our products range from wall mounted to freestanding digital advertising displays of various sizes.

Media Contact Information

Asif Khan
asif.khan [at] clariview.co.uk
(+44) 0121 706 0136

Source: ClariView

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