Monday, December 11, 2023

Boutique Film Leverages Navori Technology to Power LCD Screens in the Swiss Alps

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Through strategic partnerships, Boutique Film has created the largest profitable digital signage booking platform in Switzerland.

This approach offers simplicity for their clients and the opportunity to launch national and regional advertising campaigns quickly and efficiently.

Networks of screens are strategically located so as to guarantee a viewing experience that is unique, both in quality and visibility.

Video based ads offered on these screens are seen exclusively by the top echelons of society, who are predominantly high income earners and corporate decision makers.

The most powerful mode of communication in Switzerland, now available under one roof.

The company does not only provide advertising space in strategic locations, they also manage screen networks in two exclusive Swiss Mountain resorts: Gstaad and Crans-Montana. The Crans-Montana screens are installed in high visibility area such as ticket counters and lift queues.

Using Navori Server Enterprise and Navori Web Manager, Boutique Film can assign specific access rights depending on the user’s login profile. For example, some users are given full rights so they can manage all content and update Players while others may have access restricted to local content or be prevented from publishing updates without prior authorization.

This is a very useful feature that lets each customer retain control of their content while a Boutique Film administrator oversees the entire digital signage network.

The Navori software’s ease of use and reliability lets Boutique Film offer their clients an impeccable level of service using cutting edge technology.

The company also appreciates the fact Navori is a self-hosted solution which means they are not dependent on a third party operator to run their network.

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Navori offers a complete range of digital signage software solutions for any size project. From single screen, single PC installations to large networks spanning vast distances, Navori is the right choice for your next signage project.

• Navori Controller – Single PC solution.
• Navori Server Standard – Single administrator, multi-PC.
• Navori Server Enterprise – Multi-admin, multi-PC.

Our newest release, Navori Server Enterprise Extended lets large network operators host multiple customers on a single server.

Users who need to manage their Player network from remote locations can add the Navori Web Manager module to their Navori Server Enterprise installations.

This is the most flexible and cost-effective solution on the market.


• 70,000 Players in use worldwide
• 12 years of continuous product improvement
• Used in 90 countries
• Certified resellers in 52 countries
• Software available in 7 languages

Navori is headquartered in Switzerland with offices in North-America and South-America.

Source: Navori

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