Monday, May 20, 2024

VITEC to Unveil Revolutionary IP Video Products at ISE 2024

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VITEC, a prominent provider of IPTV, video streaming, and digital signage solutions, is set to display its most recent advancements in IP video technology at ISE 2024. Celebrating both ISE’s 20th and VITEC’s 35th anniversaries, the company is set to unveil groundbreaking products, including the VITEC EP6 IPTV end-point and the MGW Diamond-H 4K HDMI encoder.

Bryan Reksten, VP of Global Marketing at VITEC, emphasized the significance of ISE 2024 as a milestone for both VITEC and the industry. He noted, “ISE is an excellent opportunity to demonstrate how our latest technologies can enhance our partners’ video solutions, while also reflecting on the industry’s progress in innovation.”

One of the key products launching at ISE is the VITEC EP6, a next-generation IPTV end-point engineered for top-notch video and digital signage delivery across networks. The EP6 stands out with its ability to output dual 4K or quad-HD video streams and render striking 4K graphics up to 2160p60, all in a fanless design. Additionally, its Power over Ethernet Plus (PoE+) functionality ensures seamless deployment across various networks.

Furthermore, VITEC is set to introduce the MGW Diamond-H, a compact IPTV distribution encoder powered over Ethernet. This new addition to the MGW series is designed to enhance the IP video streaming experience significantly.

In addition to hardware, VITEC has released a new software update for its Smart IP gateway, ChannelLink. The update includes support for Reliable Internet Stream Transport (RIST) for point-to-point applications, HLS for distribution, and enhanced AES encryption for IPTV distribution. ChannelLink, known for its user-friendly interface, facilitates easy access to IP video destination channels for operators. It now offers various deployment options, including on-premise servers, virtual instances, and integration within the AWS Cloud via the new AMI, catering to diverse requirements.


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