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PPDS Transforms In-Store Engagement at Silmäasema with Philips Android SoC Signage Solutions

Enhancing Customer Engagement: Philips Android SoC Digital Signage Drives Silmäasema's Storefront Innovation

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PPDS proudly announces its strategic collaboration with FirstView Digital Signage, effectuating a transformative enhancement in the customer experience for Silmäasema, Finland’s distinguished eye care specialist. This initiative involves the deployment of over 200 Philips Android SoC digital signage displays across 40 prominent high street locations, all adeptly managed via PPDS’ innovative Wave Controller platform.

Established in 1975, Silmäasema has emerged as a formidable entity in the eye care sector, boasting a network of 150 stores and ophthalmology centers, and a robust workforce comprising over 1,000 professionals, including 300 ophthalmologists and 300 opticians. This venture is geared towards revolutionizing Silmäasema’s interaction with its clientele through digital excellence.

The project encompasses several pivotal elements:

  • Implementation of Philips D-Line Android SoC Displays: Strategically positioned at every point-of-sale, these displays feature high brightness levels to ensure exceptional visibility in various lighting conditions, thereby supplanting traditional paper-based communication methods.
  • Incorporation of Philips T-Line Multi-Touch Smart Displays: Positioned outside consultation rooms, these 10” displays are equipped with integrated cameras and speakers, offering advanced functionalities such as audience measurement and footfall analytics.
  • Utilization of the Wave Controller Platform: This avant-garde cloud platform by PPDS facilitates remote management and scheduling of display content, along with timely updates, thereby streamlining operational processes for Silmäasema’s team.
  • Integration with FirstView’s Content Management Software: In alignment with PPDS’ ‘Open2’ philosophy, FirstView’s CMS is directly installed onto each display, obviating the necessity for external media players.
  • Sustainability and Energy Efficiency: This digital transition not only augments the customer experience but also introduces sustainability benefits, including reduced energy consumption and extended display lifespans.

Anne Rantanen, Marketing Director at Silmäasema, commends the project, stating, “With this advancement in digital signage, we can now concentrate on our core competence – delivering exceptional eye care services, with the assurance of consistent and unobtrusive signage.”

Laura Vaihinen, Service Manager at FirstView, underscores the operational efficiencies brought about by the Wave Controller, particularly its capacity for time-saving and proactive display monitoring.

In light of the success of this collaboration, Silmäasema intends to further incorporate the Philips professional displays and PPDS Wave Controller in additional locations, signifying a commitment to continual innovation. This partnership exemplifies a significant stride in merging technology with customer service in the retail sphere, establishing a new benchmark in digital communication and operational efficacy.

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