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CAYIN Digital Signage Shines at Taiwan’s Largest Exhibition Hall

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CAYIN Technology logoTaipei World Trade Center Nangang Exhibition Hall has adopted CAYIN digital signage solutions as the major public information system at most strategic spots. CAYIN’s system empowers more than 50 LCD screens, including eight sets of multiple screen video walls, and provides the most effective marketing platform for all event organizers.

CAYIN’s digital signage solution won customer confidence at COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2008 when the exhibition unprecedentedly expanded its scale to the newly opened Nangang Exhibition Hall. To bridge the communication among different exhibition halls, CAYIN Technology sponsored digital signage players at main entrances and some selected strategic areas.

CAYIN’s digital signage system even broadcasted the whole opening ceremony live, including the President’s speech, via Internet and satellite. The exhibition hall manager was impressed by the high quality and stability of CAYIN’s digital signage solutions and decided to proceed to full deployment of the digital public information system.

The manager of Nangang Exhibition Hall aims to provide the most up-to-date facilities for all event organizers to present attractive images and convey timely information to attendees. Reducing operation costs and increasing efficiency at work are also two main objectives of this project.

Thirty-six CAYIN digital signage players are used to control more than 50 LCD displays (32”, 42”, 47”, 52”, and 65”) located at the entrances, outside meeting rooms, and along the main passageways.

The most unique part in this project is the video walls at six entrances. To completely meet the diversified sizes of six entrances, the installer uses both portrait and landscape LCD screens. They are incorporated with a mix of CAYIN SMP-WEBDUO and SMP-WEBPLUS digital signage players, to compose different combinations, such as 1×3, 1×5, 1×6, and 1×9 video walls.

“In this project, one SMP-WEBDUO media player, cooperated with a DVI repeater, is used to outstretch multimedia contents across maximum 1×8 LCD screens,” said Mr. Ravel Chi, Vice President of CAYIN Technology. “Its powerful capabilities to support dual displays and to define screen resolutions are two key elements that contribute to the successful deployment.”

Nangang Exhibition Hall also adopts CAYIN xPost to schedule and manage meeting room digital signage. Each meeting room is equipped with one 32” LCD screen outside the room right beside the door. Administrators can easily arrange all events in xPost’s meeting room booking system, and screens outside meeting rooms will show the right event information automatically based on pre-configured schedules.

Nangang Exhibition Halls has hosted more than 20 international exhibitions since this project was completed in June, 2009. Both event organizers and exhibition hall managers are satisfied with the performance of the new public information system.

All content is provided by event organizers to promote exhibitors’ new products and/or activities, such as seminars, press conferences, training courses, etc. Broadcasting live opening ceremonies and onsite activities live is also a great option to get attendees involved.

CAYIN SMP-WEB series players support most popular multimedia codec and file formats, such as HTML web pages, Flash animations, image slide shows, and high-quality videos, providing event organizers with a variety of choices.

Management also becomes easier. Administrators of the digital signage system can manage all media players via network from their offices on the 5th floor. Content and playlists can be controlled centrally by a CMS-Performance server, located in the control room.

In case an abnormal situation arises, administrators can monitor the functioning status of the digital signage network via SuperMonitor and start troubleshooting immediately. They can also help to generate playback reports for even organizers to evaluate the performance.

About Nangang Exhibition Hall

Taipei World Trade Center Nangang Exhibition Hall (TWTC Nangang) is Taiwan’s largest trade-show venue. The two-level exhibition hall occupies an exhibition space of 45,360 square meters. Eight purpose-designed meeting rooms, located on the 4th and the 5th floors, are equipped with two permanently installed interpreter booths. Construction began in March 2005 and finished in March 2008. The new exhibition hall hosts many famous events, such as COMPUTEX TAIPEI, TAIPEI CYCLE, TAITRONICS, etc. and provides a premium platform to connect worldwide buyers and suppliers.

Source: CAYIN Technology

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