Monday, February 26, 2024

Signagelive QSR solution for Samsung Smart Signage Platform

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signagelive_logoSignagelive has developed a comprehensive solution for the management of Quick Service Restaurants (QSR). The solution enables products to be managed in a cloud-based database including pricing, nutritional information and product grouping. From a simple update on a mobile or tablet or database, price changes will dynamically appear on screen using our HTML5 playback technology.

In addition to publishing the content to Digital Menu Boards, the Signagelive QSR solution can output content to mobile devices, tablets and shelf edge displays.

The video shows Raffi Vartian COO at Signagelive demonstrating the solution running on the Samsung Smart Signage Platform which eliminates the need for a PC to playback content by running on an embedded chip within the display.

The Samsung Smart Signage Displays offer considerable benefits over alternative PC based solutions, including; considerable savings in purchase cost, reduction in energy costs and ease of installation and maintenance.

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Source: Signagelive

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