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BlueFox launches fully automated webshop at ISE 2013 including automatic image cropping technology

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BlueFox is all about efficient content for digital screens and keeping the access to fresh content simple. Therefore, just in time for ISE 2013, the company has added a fully automated content webshop on its website that provides  a simple and safe subscription process and a fast delivery of premium content on client’s screens worldwide. The solution will be demonstrated in hall 10, booth number K113.

At the address network operators find a real big content shop of appealing digital content such as feeds, video footage on numerous topics, mini-channels (“Essential”) and motion design offers (à la carte or as a turnkey solutions) . For the first time, a large part of the BlueFox catalog is now available online. Payment can be made  by secured credit card payment or bank transfer. The content is available immediately after payment confirmation as an HTTP link or download. To improve the customer service, the content is available in multiple formats and delivery methods, so that every customer finds the right solution for its digital signage system. Content feeds are available as a simple RSS feed, but also with flash template, in the form of MRSS or video, depending on customer choice. The price of the content is more attractive than ever.

“By automating our content delivery, we were able to reduce our prices by an average of -15%,” says Andrea Le Vot, COO of BlueFox .“In addition, the price calculation is easier than ever, as we no longer calculate by the number of screens, but now base our calculation on the number of players. The price for 1-99 players per product is the same per month per player. Even several months subscriptions are no longer necessary: Users can subscribe to the content on a monthly basis, without further engagement. If clients decide to subscribe for several months, however, they benefit from attractive discounts » she adds.

BlueFox also introduces  automatic image cropping, based on reframing technology from Technicolor, a worldwide technology leader in the media and entertainment sector, in order to offer optimal re-sized photos for all screen aspects ratios. All available BlueFox feeds can now be offered not only in 16:9 aspect ratio but also as a standard in 9:16 resolution – with full-screen photos.

Whereas the manual process of cropping content to different screen formats and sizes is both time consuming and expensive, the intelligent reframing technology integrated by BlueFox under a license from Technicolor does not require any editorial intervention. The technology adapts images to any screen aspect ratio, in an optimal yet fully automated way, whatever  the original image format and without any distortion nor stretch.

This feature is proposed by BlueFox at no additional cost to its subscribers, whether they choose to receive the images accompanying the numerous content feeds without any cropping, or cropped to a 16:9 or 9:16 aspect ratio (other aspect ratios are possible on demand).

Developed by its Research & Innovation arm, the reframing technology from Technicolor relies on proprietary algorithms for computational modeling and prediction of human visual attention in order to detect viewer attention areas within an image. Based on the desired output aspect ratio, the software automatically positions a cropping window so as to best retain the detected viewer attention area(s) within the cropped image.

Detected viewer attention areas are highlighted in the below examples through saliency maps:

Adaptation of horizontal images to vertical screens

The freshly opened content webshop also clearly shows the international orientation of Europe’s leading content provider for digital screens. Feeds are available in up to 22 languages, a variety that is not found with any other content provider, ideal for multinational customers. Also new are the already mentioned Essential Packs.

“Our Essential Packs group content for a specific audience or communication goal. One example is the Essential INFO or all audience hungry for information, providing them with information on the top news of the day, the weather and the actual traffic situation. All content is offered in a single-channel design including attractive filler, which ensures a visually pleasing transition from one content element to another. The filler can be used freely and also for transitions to other content that does not come from the BlueFox store. Despite these extras, the Essentials are cheaper than individual subscriptions containing the same contents. Moreover, the Essentials help to choose the right content for the target group”, says Andrea Le Vot.

2012 was an exciting year full of changes for BlueFox. The creation of BlueFox BV in Utrecht with the grouping of the new pool R & D and the new fully automated webshop are external signs of these evolutionary processes. BlueFox is pleased to present the fruits of its labor on the 10th ISE to a wide audience. More innovative than ever, BlueFox is committed to offer its customers the best service. “Bringing effective content on our client’s screens is much more than a business for us, it’s a passion”, states Guillaume de La Tour, president of the company.

BlueFox offers high value off-the-shelf and customized content solutions for the global dooh market, from feeds to video footage and creation of entire custom content channels. The company is the only content provider that is working worldwide and proposes its content in more than 20 languages. BlueFox serves all verticals and markets with eye-catching and relevant content for all target groups, easy to integrate into all digital signage systems.

Contact :

Andrea Le Vot
+33 2 99 63 94 13
andrealevot [at]

Source: BlueFox

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