Friday, September 29, 2023

NEXCOM Multi-Touch Kiosk Panel PC, the KPPC 5852, Gives Self-Service Kiosk Superb Functionality and Durability

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Kiosk Panel PC KPPC Series

NEXCOM’s KPPC series of all-in-one kiosk Panel PC offers exceptional durability and functionality, making it ideal for self-service interactive kiosk within industries such as hospitality, retail, gaming, transportation, medical and many other markets. The KPPC series features a 15″ true flat screen with projected capacitive multi-touch technology, VESA mount, various external interfaces for increased functionality, and a wide range of processor options making it suitable for a broad spectrum of applications.

Nexcom KPPC 5852 all-in-one kiosk Panel PCAdvanced and Stylish PCT Touch
In the hospitality and retail industry, the durability of the touch screen of self-service kiosks is a critical factor considering it is used vigorously by the general public. Workspace is also another valuable asset to retail owners. Designed with these concerns in mind, the KPPC series of Panel PCs is equipped with a zero bezel, 15″ projected capacitive multi-touch screen that is durable as well as visually appealing and supports VESA mounting that allows retailers to utilize workspace more efficiently. In addition, the panel is IP65 certified, providing reliability in harsh environments. Additionally, the KPPC series has a removable hard drive that offers quick maintenance in situations of repair or replacement, which minimizes downtime cost for businesses.

Flexible Peripheral Integration
The KPPC series of Panel PCs contains various ports for external peripheral devices such as receipt printer, keypad, barcode scanner, optical mark reader (OMR) – all which support an array of self-service kiosk applications. In addition, the Panel PC has the ability to connect up to two cash drawers and a magnetic swipe reader (MSR), turning it into a POS terminal for added functionality. Furthermore, a spare VGA port and 12V DC output powers a second display that may be used for digital signage or another touch screen monitor to enhance business advertising as well as user experience.

Diverse Processor Options
To meet performance needs of a diverse range of applications, the KPPC series is available in two models with different processor configurations. The high performance model, the KPPC 5852, can configure with a selection of 2nd and 3rd generation Intel® Core™ processor family. The second model, the KPPC 1552, is high value and fanless terminal based on Intel® Atom™ processor D525.

Source: NEXCOM

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