Saturday, May 25, 2024
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Panel PC

NEXCOM Multi-Touch Kiosk Panel PC, the KPPC 5852, Gives Self-Service Kiosk Superb Functionality and Durability

NEXCOM's KPPC series of all-in-one kiosk Panel PC offers exceptional durability and functionality, making it ideal for self-service interactive kiosk within industries such as...

Avalue Launches 18.5” Flat Screen Multi-Touch Panel PC

Avalue Technology Inc., the embedded solutions provider, is unveiling a new flat screen multi-touch capacitive Panel PC, APC-18W5. It features a fashionable yet industrial-grade...

Nexcom launched Panel PC ideal for Sales/Kiosk Terminal Applications.

Nexcom has further expanded its range of Multi Media panel PCs with the launch of the 8.9” MPPC 0810T .Incorporating a 16:9 LCD touch...

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