June 7, 2023


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YCD Multimedia and Primeview Announce Strategic Partnership to Provide Advanced, Comprehensive Digital Signage Solutions

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YCD Multimedia, a global leading provider of smart digital signage solutions, today announced a partnership with Primeview, a provider of advanced digital displays. The partnership combines YCD’s expertise in digital media software with Primeview‘s leading display technology products, and will provide corporations and organizations worldwide with the widest choice for digital media solutions, including dynamic and interactive visual environments.

The alliance between YCD and Primeview will benefit customers seeking advanced and highly reliable solutions to enhance branding and customer loyalty, promote business growth, improve service and create unique customer experience and digital environment. In addition, the flexibility and advanced management capabilities of YCD’s platform and products, enable smooth integration with external sources and systems such as points of sale, CRM and inventory management systems, forming a complete end-to-end solution. The packaged solutions from YCD and Primeview will enable a wide range of applications, from point-of-sale and kiosks to stand-alone informative displays, including interactive applications that encourage customer participation and promote merchandise in a highly attractive and entertaining brand experience.

YCD’s software-based products and Primeview’s innovative displays have proven extremely successful in numerous applications, meeting the requirements of a wide range of customers. The partnership will allow corporations and organizations easily to specify order and install integrated hardware and software solutions from two of the industry’s leaders.

“This agreement further enhances YCD/Primeview cooperation and brings a new level of sophisticated displays to various industries,” “said Chanan Averbuch, Director of Business Development, Primeview”. “We both hold a shared vision of the future of digital media and this is an exciting opportunity for us.”

“Digital signage is gaining rapid market acceptance, and the partnership with Primeview supports the market’s growing demand,” said Sam Losar, President of YCD USA. “Our strategy has been to ally ourselves with best-of-breed display manufacturers, and this agreement with Primeview moves us further along the road.”

About YCD Multimedia

YCD Multimedia is an industry leader providing corporations and organizations worldwide with advanced digital media solutions and applications within the retail environment, as well as other industries. YCD’s flexible platforms help businesses attract clients, reinforce branding and ensure a measurable impact on their business. YCD’s end-to-end offering combines strategy, professional services and technology to increase profits, optimize product mix and enhance the customer experience. To date, the company has partnered with over 2,000 customers, including Fortune 500 corporations and some of the world’s most recognized brands, such as Burger King, Coca-Cola, Toyota, Estee Lauder, Ferrari, Cartier, and Diesel. Founded in 1999, YCD Multimedia is headquartered in the United States with offices in the United Kingdom and Israel, and has an international network of resellers serving clients around the globe. In October 2011 YCD acquired C-nario, a global provider of digital signage software solutions. For more information, visit www.ycdmultimedia.com

About Primeview

Primeview is a privately held global manufacturing company that was launched in 1997 specializing in advanced display solutions, with a focus on the corporate market. Primeview designs, produces and delivers leading-edge visual display technologies for a wide variety of markets. The company’s products can be found in board rooms, museums, casinos, retail stores, hotels and properties around the globe. For more information check out www.Primeview.biz or email us at info [at] Primeview.biz.

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