Monday, February 26, 2024

ConnectedSign Launches Incredible New Website

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ConnectedSign LaunchesNew WebsiteConnectedSign, LLC has announced the launch of a new state-of-the-art website that features a custom blog, educational resources, and advanced features.

Loren Bucklin, President of ConnectedSign says: “Our original site was appreciated for all the educational content it contained. Users often want to explore Digital Signage and don’t know what they don’t know. We took all the things visitors liked about our site and made some fantastic additions and improvements. There is really nothing like it in the industry today.”

ConnectedSign partnered with Synapse Marketing Solutions to overhaul the website, resulting in improved search rankings and increased leads. The creative team at ConnectedSign worked closely with Synapse to develop strategy, content, and custom graphics. “Through the process, ConnectedSign really pitched in and helped,” explains Synapse CEO Bobby Deraco. “That’s how we pared a six month build down to about three months. It truly was a team effort.”

The new website incorporates over 1,000 pages of unique content that provide an educational approach to digital signage. “There are many different audiences that may be interested in a digital signage solution, so we had to speak to each one in order to develop a website that generated leads and provided the information needed by the user of the site,” says Deraco. Viewers can access the Idea Center to discover innovative uses for digital signs, read case studies of digital signage success stories in various industries, and register for informative Deminars.

About ConnectedSign:
ConnectedSign is a full service Digital Signage agency with more than 17 years of experience planning and deploying Digital Signage systems, interactive Digital Signage, and kiosk networks. We provide Digital Signage software, hardware, content creation, content management, and consulting services. ConnectedSign is headquartered in Lancaster, PA.

More details can be found at

Brigitte Bucklin
Email: bbucklin [at]
Phone: 866-833-2723 Fax: 866-833-2723

Source: ConnectedSign

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