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Specialty Group Appoints Tim Parkinson to Lead Digital Signage

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Specialty Group logoSpecialty Group Pty Ltd is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr Tim Parkinson as Sales & Project Manager to focus on the development of the digital signage business in Australia

Specialty Group is the Australia and New Zealand distributor for the leading digital signage platform from Signbox Microsystems of Singapore.

Tim was recently National Brand & Signage Manager at United Petroleum Pty Ltd. Prior to United, he was General Manager at Forte Signs, a leading signage manufacturer based in Melbourne.

“Tim brings wealth of experience in the signage market; both in traditional as well as digital media,” said Brian Ross, General Manager, Specialty Group. “He has many years in the signage industry and we look forward to the contribution he will make to our company. Digital signage is such an important part of the cinema industry, so there is a natural fit with many of our major customers” continued Brian.

“We are delighted to have such an experienced manager spearheading Specialty’s efforts in digital signage,” said Stuart Lakin, Director, Business Development at Signbox Microsystems in Singapore who is responsible for developing the Signbox dealer and distributor network, including in Australia. “His appointment highlights how quickly the digital signage market is growing as well as how competitive the Signbox offering is in Australia” continued Stuart.

“The digital signage industry has always fascinated me and I was very impressed by the Signbox product. I am extremely happy to join the Specialty team that so I can bring my many years in the signage industry to this new and rapidly evolving digital medium,” said Tim. Tim will work with existing Specialty customers in the cinema and theatre markets to improve their digital signage. He will also extend the customer set into exciting new areas such as financial services, transport, education and more.

About Specialty Group Pty Ltd:

Since 1969, Specialty Group has been providing theatre, stage and cinema equipment and services to the performing arts and cinema exhibition industries in Australia, New Zealand and 28 countries around the world. Specialty Group operates under the Specialty Theatre and Specialty Cinema brand names and has offices in Melbourne, Auckland and Singapore.

For more information contact:
Brian Ross, General Manager
Phone: +61 3 9028 0310
brian.ross [at]

About Signbox Microsystems Pte Ltd

Signbox Microsystems is a world leader in digital signage solutions, bringing together revolutionary software to enhance the signage opportunities open to corporations and organisations. By giving customers the power to deploy and manage their digital signage network from the server through to the player, and regardless of the number of signage locations or distances between each, Signbox allows customers to communicate to a target audience in real time. Signbox partners with top technology companies such as Intel and IBM and has a long list of blue-chip reference customers. The company was founded in 2003 and is headquartered in Singapore.

For more information contact:

Tim Parkinson, Sales and Project Manager
Signbox Microsystems
Phone: +61 3 9028 0313
Email: tim.parkinson [at]

Stuart Lakin, Director, Business Development
Signbox Microsystems
Phone: +65 8133 8597
Email: stuart.lakin [at]

Source: Specialty Group

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