Monday, December 11, 2023

MokiMobility Releases MokiTouch Pro, a Rich Web and Media Content App for iPad Kiosks

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MokiMobility, today announced MokiTouch Pro, a unique and innovative way to engage with customers with rich web and media content in iPad kiosks. MokiTouch Pro is remotely managed from any web browser, giving companies widespread control over their tablets within a single dashboard.

“With MokiTouch Pro, rich content is put front-and-center, while keeping customers from accessing any other apps and device settings, also protecting customer’s personal information,” said Ty Allen, President of MokiMobility. “The real strength in MokiTouch Pro is the remote app settings and device management capabilities offered by the MokiManage platform.”

Powered by MokiManage, MokiTouch Pro’s secure kiosk app allows companies to utilize multimedia capabilities, including looping video and images, video or image screensavers, and the ability to cache content to run when offline. MokiTouch Pro also provides credit card swipe support and the ability to monitor traffic using integrated Google Analytics.

For more information about MokiTouch Pro, please visit

About MokiMobility

Based in Lehi, Utah, MokiMobility is the creator of the MokiTouch tablet kiosk solution and the MokiManage platform enabling complete tablet solutions that include app management, app distribution and device management. MokiMobility is enabling entirely new experiences for retail, hospitality and restaurants with iPad and Android tablet kiosks and interactive digital signage. For more information, please visit or follow us on Twitter at @mokimobility

Media Contact:
Christy Goodman
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Source: MokiMobility

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