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Parametric Sound and Four Winds Interactive Announce Strategic Partnership

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Parametric Sound Corporation logoSeveral Markets for HyperSound™ Audio Solutions Identified

Parametric Sound Corporation, a leading innovator of audio products and solutions, today announced that it has entered into a strategic relationship with Four Winds Interactive (FWi) for distribution of its HyperSound directed audio products. FWi, a leading provider of digital communications software, will now offer Parametric’s audio products as a complement to their existing solutions. FWi will provide a seamless transition from sales to post-sales support for their clients and prospects that are interested in Parametric’s audio products.

“Parametric Sound’s patented audio solutions are well-suited to companies looking for an upgrade from digital signs that contain video-only to installations that combine signage with superior audio capabilities,” said Dan Verbsky, Director of Field Services, Four Winds Interactive. “This arrangement will augment and complement our product portfolio and we look forward to working with Parametric.”

“We expect this partnership with an industry leader like FWi to help accelerate the adoption of our HyperSound technology in the digital signage sector,” said Kenneth F. Potashner, executive chairman of Parametric Sound. “We have demonstrated forward momentum on our distribution and sales strategy and continue to see progress on our licensing discussions currently underway.”

Recognized as #16 on the Forbes 2011 list of America’s Most Promising Companies, FWi provides a software platform for developing, deploying and managing digital communications networks on digital signs, interactive kiosks, web and mobile devices. The FWi solution makes it possible to quickly and easily create dynamic messages to inform, educate and motivate audiences through a single solution that supports a wide variety of digital communications applications. Digital signage markets serviced by FWi include casinos, hotels, convention centers, restaurants, hospitals, stadiums and public spaces, educational institutions, and many more.

About Parametric Sound Corporation
Parametric Sound Corporation is a pioneering innovator of directed audio solutions. With a substantial body of intellectual property, Parametric Sound is the foremost authority in the application of acoustic technology to beam sound to target a specific listening area without the ambient noise of traditional speakers. The Company is targeting its technology for new uses in consumer markets including computers, video gaming, televisions, home audio, health care and mobile devices. For more information, visit

About Four Winds Interactive
The Four Winds Interactive digital communications solution is the ideal solution for any organization’s visual communication needs. Digital signage communicates with your audience through applications like wayfinding, event details, employee communications, metrics reporting, building directories, menu boards, emergency messaging, travel information and advertising. For more information, visit

Source: Four Winds Interactive

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