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Umbrella Ltd uses Digital Signage Services Powered by Navori International SA across Greece

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Navori logoUmbrella Ltd – Media Company located in Greece uses latest Software and Hardware technologies to create innovative market. Company chooses Navori International SA power and flexibility Digital Signage services and applications for Digital Marketing.

Umbrella Ltd is a new media company located in Athens, Greece. Since it’s inception in 2005, the Company has relied on the latest software and Hardware technologies to create innovative marketing concepts for their clients. The Company is currently focused on digital signage, Interactive applications and related services.

By leveraging technologically advanced Solutions like the Navori software platform, Umbrella can create new interactive media channels that corporations can use to reach their target audience.

The Navori software platform offers the power and flexibility that Umbrella needs to develop innovative advertising channels and interactive Kiosk applications.

Umbrella is a one-stop marketing shop that offers a wide range of services including hardware installation, digital signage network management, content and advertising creation.

The company has a growing list of customers In the retail and banking sectors.

To find out more about the Navori Digital Signage software platform, please visit the Navori web site at

Source: Navori

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