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SoloHealth Developing Largest Digital Ad Platform for Retail Pharmacy

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SoloHealth logoDigital Health & Wellness Platform Empower Consumers to Take Charge of Their Health with Free, Interactive Health Screenings & Assessments ATLANTA,

SoloHealth®, a consumer-driven healthcare technology company, is developing the nation’s largest digital ad platform for retail pharmacy built on the nationwide rollout of its FDAapproved SoloHealth Station® health and wellness digital kiosks. The SoloHealth Station, a free and bilingual platform, is currently being installed in retail locations nationwide including select Sam’s Club and Walmart stores. Already in hundreds of retail locations, the SoloHealth Station is expanding to more than 2,500 store locations by mid-2013 and scaling to more than 4,000 by 2014.

SoloHealth’s inaugural advertising partners include Johnson & Johnson, P&G, Pfizer, Bayer, Hallmark and The Coca-Cola Company. WellPoint, Dell, and Coinstar, Inc., have all partnered with SoloHealth, each making strategic financial investments in the SoloHealth Station platform.

“We are fundamentally changing consumer healthcare access and along with way providing advertisers with a completely unique and effective way to reach consumers in a direct, highly personalized and engaging manner,” said Bart Foster, CEO & Founder of SoloHealth. “Our platform allows brands to become solutions for consumers—reaching health-conscious shoppers when they are engaged and interested in products that are aisles away, not miles away.”

A healthcare consumer engagement platform, the SoloHealth Station offers highly personalized, targeted and interactive opportunities for consumers, advertisers and retailers by placing kiosks in high-traffic retail locations and offering online advertising including interactive banners, :15 to :30-second interstitial videos, e-newsletters, email activation, digital signage and more. Advertisers can engage shoppers through interactive display, video and custom solutions that can be tailored to specific advertising needs and delivered based on CPA, CPC, CPM or CPE goals. SoloHealth allows advertisers to reach precisely targeted and engaged prospects while health is top-ofmind and advertiser’s products close by on the stores shelves.

According to recent data, SoloHealth consumers are 2X as likely to engage in non-targeted media than average online consumers; 4X more likely when reached through relevant content; and 6X when targeting is based on consumer’s answers to health-related questions.

SoloHealth Facts & Consumer Engagement Stats:
2,500 – Number of SoloHealth Stations to be in market by mid-2013
4,000+ – Number of Stations to be in market by 2014
1,500 – Average consumer engagements per month, per store*
6 Million – Six million consumers engagements monthly across nationwide network*
4 Mins. – Average number of minutes each consumer spends with the kiosk (4:09m)
95% – Satisfaction rating on accuracy of results, length of the experience, and likelihood to use again.
*Based on average number of 50 consumers per store taking at least one test per session.
*Based on 4,000 kiosks; in market by 2014

The SoloHealth Station provides health screenings for vision, blood pressure, weight, and body mass index, a symptom checker as well as an overall health assessment free of charge. SoloHealth also helps connect consumers to local professionals through their databases, helping people enter the most appropriate and accurate point in the healthcare system. A cloud-based platform, the SoloHealth Station is backed by technology that allows for flexibility to make changes remotely and quickly so the company can continue to expand the services offered.

ABOUT SOLOHEALTH: Based in Atlanta, Ga., SoloHealth® is a leader in self-service consumer healthcare, utilizing patented technology to deploy interactive health screening kiosks to empower consumers about their health. In summer 2010, the company received a $1.2 M grant from the National Institute of Health (NIH) to help enable innovation for self-service healthcare and prevention. In 2011, SoloHealth announced its next-generation kiosk, the SoloHealth Station, offering vision, blood pressure, weight, symptoms checking, body mass index, overall health assessment; and access to a database of local doctors. The company’s bilingual kiosks provide free health screenings and recommendations for follow-up care, which leads to prevention and lower healthcare costs. In March 2011, Coinstar, Inc. (NASDAQ: CSTR), owner of Redbox, made a financial investment in SoloHealth. In August 2012, WellPoint and Dell both made separate strategic investments in SoloHealth. For more information, visit or follow us @SoloHealth.

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