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Keywest Technology announces new series of turnkey kiosks

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Keywest Technology Innovative Kiosk SolutionsKeywest Technology’s new series of turnkey kiosks pair attractive standard and custom enclosures with powerful programming bundles to enhance communications and an enterprise’s image.

Keywest Technology, a digital signage innovator offering digital signage content, management software and services, has announced the immediate availability of a new series of turnkey digital kiosks.

The new kiosks include standard pedestals and custom cabinets that combine powerful programming bundles with attractively designed enclosures that complement the decor of any environment.

“Our new series of turnkey kiosks makes it easy for professional communicators to extend the reach of their messaging by creating a dialog with their audiences that better serves their need for information,” said Keywest Technology president Nick Nichols.

Available in interactive configurations as well as standard digital signage, the new turnkey series of kiosks are easy to install. Customers have the option of creating their own interactive content or working with Keywest Technology’s talented content creation staff to develop unique programming bundles.

A variety of programming bundles are available. They include interactive media, social media integration, digital advertising, interactive wayfinding, loyalty program integration, media feeds and streaming, real-time information (i.e. airport data), widget integration and integrated marketing campaigns.
Keywest Technology offers several standard kiosk cabinets, including floor-mount pedestals, wall-mount fixtures and portable battery-powered units for temporary applications. Custom kiosk cabinets designed to meet specific customer requirements are available as well.

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Keywest Technology is a leading designer of digital signage hardware and software offering solutions from simple single sign playback to large multi-sign networks. Based in Lenexa, Kan., the company is dedicated to making digital signage technically as easy as a day at the beach.

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