June 1, 2023


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BrightSign and Imaculix Announce Zurich Film Festival Sponsorship

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Leader in Digital Signage Breathes Life into 70 Screens at Global Film Event

BrightSign, LLC®, the market leader in digital signage players, and AV integration partner Imaculix, today announced their joint sponsorship of the Zurich Film Festival. The collaboration brings interactive content to 70 screens distributed throughout the city, from the airport to the festival itself, as well as points in between.

“BrightSign and Imaculix created an innovative system that allows us to deliver dynamic and compelling content to attendees of the Eighth Annual Zurich Film Festival in a flexible, original and professional way,” said Nadja Schildknecht, managing director and co-director of the Zurich Film Festival. “The BrightSign TD1012 players are especially compact, which gives us a great amount of flexibility to situate digital signage at high-traffic areas within the festival.”

Digital signage is present throughout the festival, as well as at strategic, high-visibility locations within the city. Arriving festival attendees are greeted by signage at the Zurich airport, looping information about the festival and providing a countdown in anticipation of the annual event.

“BrightSign offers the flexibility and stability we need to successfully take on an event of this magnitude,” said Andy W. Bohli, CEO of Imaculix. “We’ll have 70 screens running simultaneously at more than 30 different physical locations across the city, so it was absolutely vital that we find a solution with zero downtime, and that’s precisely what BrightSign made possible for us. Total financial outlay is also a factor of consideration, and BrightSign delivers the most cost-effective solution on the market today.”

At the festival itself, BrightSign’s HD1020, HD220 and TD1012 digital signage players feed content to screens distributed within the venue. These screens provide daily updates and news from the event, as well as run Twitter feeds and capture key moments at the show via live video feeds.

An innovative “Red Carpet Tool” highlights the interactive capabilities of the BrightSign installation, whereby in less than two minutes festival administrators can snap pictures at the event, distribute them to the BrightSign Network, and have them displayed on every screen at the event. In addition, a Filmboutique provides attendees access to an on-demand library of 50 films, giving them the opportunity to learn more about the various films being featured at the festival.

Importantly, the signage installation has opened up additional opportunities for festival organizers to offer interactive advertising to event sponsors.

The Zurich Film Festival ran 20-30 September 2012 attracting luminaries from throughout the film industry. Confirmed attendees included Oliver Stone, John Travolta, Richard Gere, Susan Sarandon and Jerry Weintraub.

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