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Planar Helium Display Lights Up the Windows 8 Touch Experience

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Planar Helium Windows 8 multi touch desktop monitor 1Planar announces new line of multi-touch desktop monitors optimized for the all-new touch interface of Microsoft Windows 8

Today, Planar Systems, Inc, a global leader in digital display technology, announced of the introduction of the Planar® Helium™ family of multi-touch desktop monitors designed to bring the touch experience alive when paired with a Microsoft® Windows® 8 device such as an Ultrabook™, tablet or desktop PC.

The Planar Helium family debuts with a 27-inch model (model PCT2785), capturing the Microsoft Windows 8 touch experience without costing thousands of dollars for an all-in-one solution. To use touch-enabled features, customers simply plug the monitor directly into their Ultrabook, tablet or desktop PC. The monitor includes a sleek, easily-adjustable, and ergonomically-friendly Helium Stand for a comfortable and controlled user experience. It also comes with a built-in webcam for video communication such as Skype, Microsoft Lync®, and other webcam-based collaboration or video conferencing tools.

“The desktop of the future is touch, and the Planar Helium multi-touch monitor delivers the ultimate touch experience,” said Cris Derr, product marketing director for Planar Systems. “This feature-rich monitor brings out the best in Windows 8 and with the touch technology, unique stand design and webcam, it facilitates user productivity and collaboration.”

Planar Helium Windows 8 multi touch desktop monitor 2Designed to Improve User Productivity

The Planar Helium multi-touch monitor is ideal for software developers, enterprise users and individual technology enthusiasts. Software developers, test engineers and designers will benefit from the ability to build and test touch-enabled applications right from the desktop. Businesses will benefit from high-quality presentations, easier data analysis, and collaboration features for improved decision making. Consumers, gamers and technology enthusiasts will enjoy the robust touch experience on a large display.

“The giant 27-inch Planar Helium display really brings out the best in Windows 8,” says David Kelly, Principal UX Architect & Microsoft MVP of [wire]stone. “As a firm focused on touch experiences with numerous touch-enabled applications for Windows 8, we’re using the monitor to develop and test our all of our applications. The high quality touch experience and combined feature set of the Planar Helium monitor has really improved our development time to market, as well as our overall workflow with Windows 8.”

The Ultimate Touch-Screen Experience at an Affordable Price

The Planar 27-inch Helium multi-touch monitor offers the following advantages:

  • Affordable price: With a manufacturer suggested retail price of $899, the low-price 27-inch Planar Helium monitor lets users capture the Windows 8 touch experience without the expense of all-in-one solution. Customers can plug the monitor into practically any work environment including workstations, Ultrabooks and tablets to light up the benefits of the touch enabled Windows 8 operating system.
  • Controlled and comfortable use: The ergonomically-friendly and easy-to-adjust Helium Stand helps users avoid touch-screen fatigue. With very light pressure from the user, the unique, easy-to-use stand is easily adjustable from 15° to 70° and can also be laid flat or mounted on a wall.
  • Improved productivity: The Planar Helium monitor provides a 27-inch bright display designed to increase productivity. It offers a built-in full HD webcam and microphone for video communication and a built-in USB hub that allows users to connect other peripherals directly to the monitor. The display can also be paired with other non-touch monitors.
  • The ultimate touch-screen experience: Using the same projected capacitive touch technology found in smart phones, the Planar Helium monitor delivers 20 simultaneous touch points that recognize touch input from finger, thin gloved hand or conductive stylus.
  • A stylish, personalized look: The monitor provides a super sleek, modern design. And with Planar Select™, customers can select from several different patterns and colors to achieve a unique and personalized look.

The Planar Helium 27-inch monitor will be available in early October 2012 through Planar’s network of authorized resellers. For more information, please visit www.planar.com/helium.

Planar® and Helium™ are trademarks of Planar Systems. All other marks property of their respective owners.

About Planar

Planar Systems Inc. is a global leader in digital display technology providing premier solutions for the world’s most demanding environments. Retailers, educational institutions, government agencies, businesses, utilities and energy firms, and home theater enthusiasts all depend on Planar to provide superior performance when image experience is of the highest importance. Planar solutions are used by the world’s leading organizations in applications ranging from digital signage to simulation and from interactive kiosks to large-scale data visualization. Founded in 1983, Planar is headquartered in Oregon, USA, with offices, manufacturing partners, and customers worldwide. For more information, visit http://www.planar.com.

Source: Planar Systems

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