Tuesday, December 12, 2023

NextWindow Ships Three Millionth Touch Screen

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Company’s optical touch screens are used by leading PC makers around the world

NextWindow, a wholly-owned subsidiary of SMART Technologies Inc, announces that it has achieved a significant milestone with the shipment of its three millionth touch screen. Leading OEMs, ODMs, systems integrators and interactive designers continue to choose NextWindow for its high-performance optical technology, competitive pricing and superior client service. In the last 10 months alone, the company shipped one million touch screens to customers.

NextWindow began producing touch screens in 2000 and has experienced rapid growth in recent years. The company’s products fit displays from 15″ to to120″ (38.1 to 304.8 cm) and suit a wide range of customer requirements. NextWindow has supplied multi-touch enabled screens to leading desktop computer makers including ASUS, Dell, Sony, Lenovo, NEC and Samsung. Its large-format touch screens are used in education and corporate environments across diverse industries such as hospitality, restaurants, casinos, museums, tourism, high-tech, sporting goods and shipping.

NextWindow continues to develop and release products with more advanced multi-touch functionality. In April, the company introduced the NextWindow DesktopTouch 6S, its first six-camera, five-touch point solution for PCs. The DesktopTouch 6S is groundbreaking new technology that is intended to meet the requirements for supporting the Microsoft® Windows® 8 operating system. Screens that enable five or more simultaneous touches allow two or more people to interact with content simultaneously, bringing exciting new capabilities for business presentations, entertainment, learning and collaboration.

“It is a tremendous accomplishment for NextWindow to achieve this milestone in such a competitive space,” says Richard Turski, General Manager, NextWindow. “Consumer appetite for touch screens in all devices has exploded and the business world has taken notice, asking for new ways to connect with customers and keep them coming back. NextWindow’s large range of industry leading touch screens are meeting these customers demands, and we will continue to be an innovator in this field.”

About NextWindow
NextWindow, a wholly-owned subsidiary of SMART Technologies Inc., is a supplier of optical touch panels and touch-screen components to electronics manufacturers. With accurate, cost-effective solutions designed for easy integration into all-in-one computers, computer displays and large-format screens, NextWindow develops the hardware necessary to bring touch-screen technology to life. Founded in 2000, NextWindow has offices in New Zealand, Taiwan, the United States, Singapore, Korea and Japan, with manufacturing facilities throughout Asia. SMART Technologies is a leading provider of collaboration solutions that transform the way the world works and learns.

For more information, please contact
David Villarina
Marketing Manager
dvillarina [at] nextwindow.com

Source: NextWindow

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