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Selfridges showcases British Fashion Council project using FeONIC’s Whispering Window

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Freehand video walls and FeONICs interactive audio in Selfridges iconic window displays 1Freehand implements video walls and FeONIC’s interactive audio in Selfridges iconic window displays

Freehand , creators of audio visual content and supporting systems, has successfully launched interactive window displays in London’s Selfridges store, to showcase the British Fashion Council’s ‘Britain Creates 2012: Fashion & Art Collusion’ and Women’s Designer Galleries projects, which celebrate the longstanding relationships between fashion designers and visual artists.

Using FeONIC Technology’s Whispering Window ‘invisible audio technology’, Freehand has been able to convert the windows into speakers in order to attract the attention of passers-by. The current video walls preview exclusive work by some of the featured artists who have been involved in the Britain Creates 2012 project, including Giles Deacon with Jeremy Deller; Paul Smith with Charming Baker; and Hussein Chalayan with Gavin Turk. By integrating FeONIC’s Whispering Window, the entire window becomes a speaker meaning passers-by are able to hear the display, as well as enjoy watching the visual centrepiece.

Commenting on the current project, Mike Fabian from Freehand said, “We were commissioned to create two window displays in Selfridges to showcase the British Fashion Council’s ‘Britain Creates 2012’ project. With the store wanting to engage with passers-by, we were keen to design an interactive display that would attract as much attention as possible. Having used FeONIC’s Whispering Window audio devices in the past, we knew that this would work well in projecting sound externally, yet without impacting the visual element of the work on show. It’s going down a storm and is really a great way of adding an interactive dimension to any window feature.”

Freehand video walls and FeONICs interactive audio in Selfridges iconic window displays 2Selfridges’ Window Production Manager added, “Our legendary windows are currently previewing exclusive work by several artists involved in the ‘Britain Creates 2012: Fashion & Art Collusion’ project. The team at Freehand have managed the full audio visual technology requirements for the displays, including using the FeONIC Whispering Window audio to attract greater interest from people outside of the store, and it has been extremely well received. The displays are on Orchard Street and it is amazing to see the number of people that are attracted to the display by the sound first, and then by what they consume visually. It’s a great spectacle.”

Concluded Brian Smith, Managing Director of FeONIC Technology, “Independent research has shown that Whispering Window technology can help increase footfall and sales revenues by as much as 50% during the first week of a campaign, illustrating the impact this technology can have in creating an immediate wow-factor. We are pleased that Freehand has supported Selfridges in creating an interactive display for the British Fashion Council’s project and we are confident it will help turn many more heads, during the course of the campaign.”

For further details regarding the FeONIC range of invisible audio products, telephone +44 (0)1482 806688 or email info [at] More information on FeONIC Technology is available via

About FeONIC Technology:
FeONIC Technology was originally created at Hull University and was spun into the commercial world in 2000. Its range of ‘invisible audio’ products have been designed to deliver a high quality audio output by attaching it to a resonant material, such as glass, wood, plasterboard or metal. This results in a high quality sound, which lend itself to a wide range of uses including supporting sales and marketing promotions and customer information announcements.

FeONIC continues to pioneer ‘invisible audio’ products, which lend themselves to a wide range of uses in both the commercial and consumer worlds. The products include the SoundBug2 for consumers, Presenter Pro for portable business use, the powerful F1 series, and the Whispering Windows range for retail and commercial environments.

Source: FeONIC Technology

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