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Info Retail Captures Customer Attention with LG Digital Signage

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Info Retail logoInfo Retail joins with LG to bring digital signage to life in hundreds of stores across the country

Today’s retail shoppers are hungry for the latest information, the newest trends and the most ‘intense’ experience they can find. That’s why Info Retail joined forces with LG Electronics USA to roll out immersive digital signage.

Info Retail, an Atlanta-based strategy and design agency focusing on the control and simplification of buying experiences, and LG Electronics have upgraded customer experiences in more than 600 locations so far, and plan to increase that number in the coming months.

“LG digital signage displays have the image clarity and wide viewing angles that we were looking for,” said Jim Stoklosa, Director of Digital Signage and Development for Info Retail. “LG is one of the few manufacturers with the ability to handle aggressive roll outs of hundreds of units across national retail chains as well.”

The LG monitors are also designed for constant operation and mount easily, which is what Info Retail needed to fit the customer experience. “Throughout the deployment process, LG has provided amazing support, making this the kind of alliance that works for us and for our customers,” said Stoklosa.

The digital signage offers the ability to educate and entertain customers as they shop so that information is easily received but not intrusive. It can also be used to support the efforts of store associates and help them provide an outstanding shopping experience for consumers.

Info Retail’s customer immersion solution enhances the entire shopping experience. By using dynamic media like this, brands and stores can truly attract more customers “across the aisle” and also attract them to the promotion of the moment.

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