Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Broadcastvision Entertainment expands their personal viewing screen and controller innovations with CardioVision, CardioTheater, Matrix and DIRECTV functionality

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Broadcastvision AXS17TVCX Universal Screen ControllerVersatile AXS17TVCX controller gives club owners the ability to use one robust controller for operation of all personal viewing screens.

Broadcastvision Entertainment releases their updated universal controller the Axcess which will now operate CardioVision®, CardioTheater®, Matrix®, Mye® and Fantaay® Personal Viewing Screens. Broadcastvision reports an increase in demand for their lower cost after-market entertainment solutions as club owners suffer fatigue from high costs and difficult support for integrated entertainment offerings from cardio manufacturers. “Club operators are reconsidering touch screen and integrated solutions due to the initial cost and the additional expense associated with installation and repairs.” says Mark Blake, COO of Broadcastvision.

In addition to upgrading their controller for compatibility with CardioVision®, CardioTheater®, Matrix®, MYE® and Fantaay® Personal Viewing Screens, the Axcess Universal Controller is the only fitness entertainment controller that will allow the user to operate Comcast® and DIRECTV® receiver boxes in conjunction with any manufacturer’s personal viewing screens eliminating the burdensome handheld remote control unit. The exerciser obtains audio and controls the personal viewing screen with just the Axcess Universal Controller.

10 key control pad
Comcast ® and DIRECTV® compatible
Previous Channel Feature
Multiple mounting configurations
Durable membrane designed to withstand high volume use
Easy to program
Channel Scan
Adjustable Sound Equalization
Inexpensive, non-proprietary and easy to change headphone jack
Decimal Point Feature for Digital TVs
Closed Captioning Feature
Auto-Off Feature

Broadcastvision logoBroadcastvision is your complete source for fitness entertainment including 863MHz / 900MHz Wireless, FM Wireless, Large Screen TVs and Mounts, Sound Systems, Digital Signage, Branded Music and Messaging and Personal Viewing Screens. Broadcastvision is a pioneer and leading market innovator in the fitness entertainment industry.

Comcast, DIRECTV, CardioVision, CardioTheater, Matrix, Mye & Fantaay are registered Trademarks and are not affiliated with Broadcastvision.

Source: Broadcastvision

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