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Signbox Microsystems Embraces Intel Open Pluggable Specification (OPS) for Simplified Digital Signage Deployments

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Advantech ARK DS220 digital signage playerSingapore-based Signbox Microsystems, a leading provider of digital signage solutions to the Asia Pacific and the Middle East, announced its first deployment of a digital signage solution based on Intel’s cutting edge OPS standard. The system will go into a major new cinema complex in Singapore and will be followed shortly by another major cinema deployment in Australia.

Open Pluggable Specification (OPS) allows for standardised PC-based players to slot directly into the back of compliant digital display screens. Many of the major manufacturers of commercial-grade LCD and LED display screens like NEC, Mitsubishi and Samsung have models that already accommodate OPS-standard players.

With an OPS digital signage system, instead of needing to extend video signals from players to far-off screens either with long cables or expensive video extenders, the screen and player can be connected directly to the LAN in a drastically simplified network topology.

“By implementing OPS-based systems, digital signage users can effectively future-proof their technology investments since players and screens can be upgraded independently,” said Stuart Lakin, Director, Business Development for Signbox.

“We have had a long-standing cooperation with Intel in the areas of facial recognition and audience measurement for digital signage and we welcome this new standard as a way to speed up and simplify our digital signage installations,” continued Lakin.

According to Intel, “The OPS enables digital signage manufacturers to deploy interchangeable systems faster and in higher volumes, while lowering costs for development and implementation.”

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Signbox Microsystems Pte Ltd is a Singapore-based software company established in 2003. Signbox develops and deploys end-to-end interactive digital signage network solutions. Signbox has grown to be a digital signage supplier-of-choice for several high profile customers and continues to pride itself as one of the world’s most advanced digital signage software platforms. For more information on Signbox Microsystems please go to

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