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W & S Projects Introduces Three New Digital Signage Products

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W S Projects Ad Vision Ad TagzDigital marketing gets a fresh look with interactive advertising.

W & S Projects, a technology provider that offers interactive digital signage solutions for business advertising needs, is pleased to announce three new products available to its clients.

The products, which include the Air-O-Matic Advertiser™, Ad Vision Ad Tagz™ and Ad Skyns™, are all breaking new ground in digital signage and giving clients a truly unique, fun and interactive advertising experience.

“The current digital signage market needs cost-effective and interactive solutions that are fun and exciting for both clients and their target audiences,” said Vanessa Wentzell, CEO of W & S Projects. “We are thrilled to launch these three new products, as they grab the attention of the customer in a way that has never been done before.”

W S Projects Ad Vision Ad Tagz docking stationW S Projects Ad SkynsW S Projects ball machineThe Air-O-Matic Advertiser™ is an interactive vending machine that contains deflated rubber balls in a capsule, which are inflated using a needle and foot pump at the unit’s base. Organizations can brand the balls with their name and logo, and utilize the digital signage above the unit to display new products and services that are child-friendly. The hardware powering it is an HP all-in-one commercial-grade unit, which means that no external player is required.

The Ad Vision Ad Tagz™ is the first wearable media player, featuring a small, three-inch digital signage display that clips onto clothing. With 4GB of internal memory and battery power lasting for up to 10 hours, it comes with a docking station that allows for up to 10 Tagz to be charged at once—perfect for multiple users. Users can also change or update content remotely using the docking station.

Both the Air-O-Matic Advertiser™ and AdVision Ad Tagz™ are powered by SCALA software, and both can be used in either small or large deployments.

The Ad Skyns™ is a new peel and stick technology that allows an organization’s current digital signage display to be wrapped with continuous logos. Easy to apply and remove, these Skyns leave no residue and allow users to peel and reuse them up to five times.

“At W & S Projects, we are truly changing the game when it comes to digital signage to help advertise your business and your products,” Wentzell said. “We look forward to remaining on the cutting edge for many years to come.”

W & S Projects is a digital marketing company that supplies affordable interactive digital signage solutions for all sales and advertising needs. Its products are powered by SCALA, a leading provider of software for digital signage.

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Source: W & S Projects

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