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Armodilo Launches its New Retail (rt) Line of Tablet Display Stands

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Armodilo Tablet Display Stands WhiteArmodilo Display Solutions is excited to introduce its new (rt) product line of tablet display stands designed for retail, showrooms and more permanent installations.

Based on its award-winning Armodilo(ex) product line, the (rt) tablet display stand offers unlimited possibilities for retail, digital signage, and customer interaction. “We took our existing clean lines and style and extended our line of products to cater to a whole new market segment.” The Armodilo(rt) line of tablet display stands is an easy and practical way to transform any tablet device into an interactive kiosk for people to utilize publically.

Being the world’s most versatile and portable tablet display stand, the Armodilo(ex) is perfectly suited for trade shows and events where a high-quality and lightweight, pop-up tablet display stand is required. “The demand for a quality tablet kiosk solutions has been growing over the last year,” adds Iles, “We are getting a constant stream of requests for our tablet display stand to be used in more permanent configurations, designed for retail, showrooms, museums or corporate settings.” By stripping away the 3-in-1 functionality and offering a solution without a carrying case, Armodilo is now able to provide its award-winning tablet display stand for a variety of more permanent installations.

Armodilo Tablet Display Stands GreyThe Armodilo(rt) comes in three distinct configurations, ranging from $349 — $549.

Freestanding: perfect for permanent display options where consumers can use the tablet while it is freestanding on the floor.

Desktop: great for countertop surfaces, where a small footprint kiosk is required.

Wall Mount: allows for unlimited mounting possibilities on any compatible 75mm VESA mounting bracket, providing a permanent display solution in any retail space.

Similar to Armodilo’s flagship product the Armodilo(ex), the Armodilo(rt) product line is made of lightweight aluminum to create a highly durable and robust tablet display solution that is easy to ship, transport and handle. “We differentiate ourselves by creating premium tablet stands for discerning brands,” notes Iles. “All of our products are made to the highest quality standards and each product has been designed to provide a clean and easy way to showcase your digital applications.”

The Armodilo(rt) offers the same multi-tablet support as the Armodilo(ex) using our patent-pending Tablet Fit Kits™ that currently support the Apple iPad1, 2, 3, Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and Motorola Xoom. New tablet configurations are constantly being designed and supported, making custom tablet configurations possible with Armodilo solutions.

Additional information can be found at

Armodilo Tablet Display Stands ThreeQuarterAbout Armodilo Display Solutions
Based on over a decade of design experience, Armodilo Display Solutions was launched in 2011 as a division of Bonzai Design Group Inc. Our founding company, Bonzai Design, specializes in visual design — translating concepts & ideas into striking visual campaigns. We help clients develop high-end identity, packaging and branding programs. With over a decade of branding and marketing experience, Bonzai Design has directly applied its design thinking approach to its tablet kiosk line.

For more information about Armodilo, contact:

Iles Guran Founder & President at Armodilo Display Solutions
sales [at] / 1-800-975-5946

Source: Armodilo Display Solutions

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