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Keywest Technology Releases Digital Signage Videos That Illustrate Broad Portfolio

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Keywest Technology logoWorking in conjunction with Keywest Creative, Keywest Technology releases six videos that illustrate a broad spectrum of marketing experience and creativity using digital signage media for major business sectors.

Keywest Technology threw down the gauntlet by needing to realistically illustrate dynamic digital signage content without mockup or simulation for its ever-expanding digital signage portfolio. To accomplish this, the company’s management called upon its creative chief, Brian Bibler, to build playlists that illustrate the company’s diverse digital signage portfolio and to do it in such a way that its dynamic nature could easily be viewed by anyone, anywhere.

According to company president Nick Nichols, illustrating the dynamic nature of digital signage is easier said than done when creating a portfolio that people can easily view from around the world. The company grappled with the fact that screenshots don’t quite capture the essence of digital signage media.

Since it’s the amalgamation of dynamic media and data that help tell the digital signage story, Bibler focused his skills on building six exemplary digital signage playlists and converting them to the ubiquitous MP4 media standard that has become commonplace on today’s Internet.

“The challenge,” said Bibler, “is capturing the entirety of the digital signage message without just simulating it. When it comes to a portfolio, people want to see reality, not prototypes.” Bibler went on to explain, “This is difficult because the very nature of advanced digital signage systems like MediaZone Pro aggregates media and data from multiple sources in real time, played out pixel-by-pixel on the display screen.”

With over 10 years of digital signage innovation and practice, Keywest management had Bibler produce six videos in key markets that illustrate the company’s first-hand experience in delivering high quality and impactful digital signage content. Together, these six videos represent an ever-expanding portfolio that cover major digital signage applications for businesses, including,

  • casino gaming
  • corporate
  • education
  • restaurants
  • retail advertising
  • sports clubs

The playlists can be viewed on Keywest Technology’s Digital Signage Channel on YouTube.

About Keywest Technology

Keywest Technology develops and markets a wide variety of digital signage products including software and content creation services that produce exceptional results. The company is also a pioneer in interactive digital signage, which couples the appeal of dynamic signage with the interactivity associated with interactive kiosks.

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Source: Keywest Technology

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