Sunday, May 26, 2024 partners with California-based pharmacy chain to provide digital signage software

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Digital sign software provided to California pharmacy by signage company

A California-based pharmacy chain is now working with to display its array of products across California and beyond. Digital Signage will be charged with installation and maintenance of digital signage software to help raise the awareness of their products and most importantly catapult company sales. The new digital signage will be even more pertinent as it will be used to update pharmacy customers of exclusive specials. Clients will now benefit from an interactive buying experience as they are being served. The pharmacy has been in the business of providing medical equipment, retail pharmacy, respiratory services, prescriptions and infusion services for over half a century, making it a leading provider in the region.

Digital signage uses the technology to help firms advertise their products, offers and rates using rich content that makes for a very interesting and interactive shopping experience. It goes a step further for pharmacy clients who order online, there is a special product tailored for tablets that should make viewing and ordering more convenient. With the growing pharmacy industry, they have taken the step to reach out to new markets and avenues including areas targeted by digital signage ventures. Prime areas as identified by include transportation hubs, entertainment galas and other out- of- home locations.

The power-packed high definition displays accept and transmit nearly all types of rich media in crystal clarity which translates to effective advertisement and improved sales. There is often a direct and measureable link between the effect of the digital signage software incorporation and improved business performance. A well informed customer is often empowered, spends less time on the counter. This helps reduce queues which directly translates to serving more clients and improving sales. Such is the potential of digital signage.

Financial implications for pharmacies include a good return on investment, reduced costs of advertisement, product awareness campaigns, improved sales and increased profits. The essence of this technology is to interface clients and businesses and their products in an interactive way using software that is specifically tailored to meet the needs of that particular business. At the very least, installing the software should help propel the firm’s profits by reducing costs and providing upsell and cross-sell opportunities.  The ultimate benefit of digital signage is that the software displays dynamically changing content which enables the firm to control who sees the message, the content of the message and the message timing.

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