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2D to 3D video conversion demonstrated during IBC

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Zero Creative_logoImagine watching your favourite movie in full 3D, without any 3D-glasses. Zero Creative starts a new service to convert existing 2D into exciting 3D video and will demonstrate this on its xyZ 3D Displays during the IBC 2009 event.

It has always been the dream of many film fanatics: to experience movies, old and new ones, in full 3D. 3D is not only the most natural way of viewing; it’s also the next logical step in the world of TV and media.

3D is the next big thing. Nearly on daily bases new announcements regarding 3D are made by various media and technology companies. However, while the greatest part of the industry is working on stereo 3D, for which wearing 3D-glasses is required, Zero Creative is focusing on autostereoscopic 3D, which does NOT require any 3D-glasses. “3D for everyone and everywhere, simply with the naked eye, that’s what we believe in”, says Jean-Pierre van Maasakker, CEO of Zero Creative.

Though it’s possible to convert complete movies into thrilling 3D, Zero Creative expects most business in the field of digital marketing. Companies and brands that already produce(d) professional commercials or other promotional videos can now play these in real 3D, e.g. to attract more people on events, in shops or at exhibitions. Zero Creative also sees a huge opportunity to attract more people to cinemas or video stores because from now on they can show movie trailers in attracting and appealing 3D.

The 2D to 3D conversion service returns a multiview 3D video, so the result can be viewed in true 3D on the companies’ xyZ 3D Displays, e.g. using its 3DZignage (3D Digital Signage) platform. The conversion can be done on any (traditional) 2D video stream and is very accurate due to the fact that each converted frame is checked manually.

On all xyZ 3D Displays, the 3D effect can be seen clearly without any special 3D-glasses from within a very wide area. High brightness, huge 3D effect and stable visibility make these types of displays suitable for many applications.

IBC is the leading international forum for the electronic media industry. The 2009 edition is held from 10-15 September in the RAI, Amsterdam. Zero Creative can be found in the Digital Signage Zone, booth DS06.

Zero Creative is specialized in 3D experiences and offers interactive real-time 3D digital signage, called 3DZignage. In line with this, the media company also offers her unique autostereoscopic xyZ 3D Displays, based on lenticular technology. These LCD displays deliver a very bright and clear 3D effect, without the need of special 3D glasses. For both products, 3D Displays and 3D Digital Signage, the company has a leading position in the market.

Source: Zero Creative

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