Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Exceptional 3D Reveals Largest 3D Digital Signage Networks

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Exceptional 3D Largest 3D Digital Signage NetworksExceptional 3D Publishes Map Of 600 Active US-Based Locations Supporting That Auto-Stereoscopic 3D Digital Signage Has Arrived

Exceptional 3D today announced that their patented auto-stereoscopic 3D technology has been successfully deployed as part of nine different 3D networks in 600 locations (and counting) across the United States. In tune with the Exceptional 3D approach of ‘keeping it simple’, network operators are deploying a cost-effective, proven solution which competes directly with the typical 2D digital signage price-point. Most importantly, network operators can offer their clients a variety of advertising options because all Exceptional 3D displays maintain a future-proof capability for playing 3D content, as well as legacy 2D content (in sequence or at the same time) through integrated content management software.

“We believe this is a very validating moment for our glasses-free 3D technology and the future of the digital signage industry,” said Michael Egan, CEO for Exceptional 3D. “We are proving that 3D digital signage is here to stay,” continued Mr. Egan, “and we have shown that auto-stereo 3D is no longer a cost prohibitive medium for advertising.” Mr. Egan finished in saying, “By offering the technology at a price point which allows for scaling to a network of any size, we ask the question, why buy a 2D display when you can buy a 3D display that can also play 2D content and is future proof?”

Preliminary indications show some evidence that justifies glasses-free 3D can strengthen brand awareness through 3D advertising. Based on early quantifiable data, forecasting shows auto-stereo 3D advertising is presenting a strong case for being more effective with potential customers and influential with undecided consumers.

“When we were looking to launch the Convenience Store Digital Signage Network, the core desire was for an advertisement medium that was going to get people’s attention,” said Stephen Newman, President and CEO of WOW 3D Media Group. “We wanted to reassure advertisers that patrons would actually look at their ads playing on the in-store digital displays but struggled to consider 3D because we knew it was expensive,” continued Mr. Newman, “however, when we looked at Exceptional 3D’s business model and the solution they developed for digital signage we realized that we could install 3D displays at a economic cost. This made it an easy decision because they provide a future-proof solution which we believe is a natural progression for the digital signage industry.” Mr. Newman finished by saying, “We have completed the installation of 150 displays, both advertisers and C-Store owners are in love with the technology and have already seen an increase in dwell time by patrons, as well as an uplift in sales of the products being advertised in 3D.”

The detailed map of the 600 locations across the United States can be found by visiting the following link, http://www.exceptional3d.com/map.html. Check back periodically for updated locations. For more information or follow up inquiries contact Eric Angello at 800.314.9122, or by email at info(at)exceptional3d(dot)com.


Headquartered in New York, Exceptional 3D (http://www.exceptional3d.com) designs, produces and delivers a patented, leading-edge 3D auto-stereoscopic (no glasses needed) visual display technology. The company specializes in providing high quality auto-stereoscopic 3D displays, software and 3D content to resellers, system integrators, trendsetters and network operators for widespread adaptation at cost effective prices. Exceptional 3D hardware and software solutions are a ‘future-proof’ technology that enables flat-panel displays to show high-definition 3D content without the need for any eyewear or 3D glasses, while still being capable of supporting playback of standard 2D content. The company is ‘keeping it simple’ through first-in-class customer service and continual focus on delivering the best 3D experience for industries such as automotive, casino gaming, retail, cinemas, hospitality and a wide variety of additional vertical markets.

Source: Exceptional 3D

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