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Digital Screenmedia Association Launches Asia-Pacific Chapter

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DSA Damien EdmondsDSA Asia-Pacific will provide a new voice for the digital signage and interactive out of home media industries in the region.

The Digital Screenmedia Association (DSA), the world’s premier trade association for the digital signage and interactive out of home media industries with over 650 members, today announced that it had entered into an exclusive Affiliation Agreement to establish a chapter in Asia-Pacific.

The chapter, to be known as the Digital Screenmedia Association Asia-Pacific (DSAAP) will for the first time bring together the entire digital screenmedia ecosystem including retail and advertising network operators, hardware and software suppliers, telecommunication companies, agencies and media buyers to drive growth through information and networking exchanges while promoting best practice.

Asia’s fast growing economies offer enormous potential for the digital screenmedia industry. While the industry has witnessed considerable growth in the past few years, the opportunity it presents can only be fully leveraged through greater industry collaboration and education. DSAAP will provide a forum to facilitate such co-operation.

David Drain, Executive Director of Digital Screenmedia Association (DSA), said: “We are extremely excited by this opportunity to partner with DSAAP and bring our industry platform and expertise to Asia-Pacific. We look forward to working with DSAAP and the region’s industry leaders.”

DSAAP’s headquarters will be in Australia. DSAAP’s launch team includes:

  •     Warren Poots – Representative North Asia (Hong Kong)
  •     Ron Graham – Representative South Asia (Singapore)
  •     Damien Edmonds – Executive Director Asia Pacific (Australia).

DSAAP’s objectives include:

  • To champion the expansion of screenmedia business in every aspect by proactive promotion at a senior level through a motivated and experienced representative association
  • To continually demonstrate and promote the effectiveness of digital screenmedia to the wider community through the development of industry-wide standards, best practices and industry wide research
  • To provide a forum for revenue generation, creating value well above cost of membership
  • To offer independent and objective representation on behalf of all members
  • To propagate industry events, awards, PR, webinars and other collective interest activities
  • To strive to understand broad industry issues and opportunities and meet them head on
  • To grow the digital screenmedia industry in the Asia-Pacific region
  • To offer unbiased, objective, accountable and transparent information within digital screenmedia industry.

About Digital Screenmedia Association (DSA): Digital Screenmedia Association logo
The purpose of the Digital Screenmedia Association (DSA) is to advance the growth and excellence of the global digital signage, interactive kiosk and mobile community through advocacy, education and networking.

About Digital Screenmedia Association Asia-Pacific (DSAAP):
The Asia-Pacific Digital Screenmedia Association (DSAAP) is the voice of, and advocate for, the digital signage and out of home media industries in Asia-Pacific. Headquartered in Australia with regional representatives in Hong Kong and Singapore, the association covers 14 geographic markets, spanning China to New Zealand and Japan to India.

Source: Digital Screenmedia Association

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