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Merseyrail makes information travel faster with Dynamax’s digitalsignage.NET

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Merseyrail display controlled by digitalsignage.NET by Dynamax
Digital display in Merseyrail office controlled by digitalsignage.NET

Leading Liverpool- based travel provider, Merseyrail has chosen Dynamax’s cloud- based application- digitalsignage.NET- to relay internal communications across all its five sites. The software allows staff to display site-relevant communications in conjunction with headquarters’ messages addressed to all employees.

As one of the most punctual and reliable railway networks in the UK, Merseyrail needed a well-coordinated corporate communications system to ensure that their high quality standards are known and maintained throughout the business.

Wanting to enhance the usefulness of the displays they already had in place but whose use was restricted to showing train time efficiency national ratings downloaded directly from an URL, they started looking for a platform that would enable them to do that but also communicate a wider variety of messages.

Incorporating self- updating web pages within digitalsignage.NET, the company is still able to send important information across the company without any human intervention (such as national targets or train proficiency time) while also enabling staff to communicate site-specific information in a variety of formats.

Thomas Philips, Business Analyst at Merseyrail commented on the project “As a forward- looking company for which timely Merseyrails display powered by Dynamaxcommunications are of outmost importance, we’ve always employed digital channels to disseminate real-time information across our sites. As the system we had in place was limiting the types of messages we could communicate and started to become redundant, we looked for potential ways to upgrade it. Dynamax’s digitalsignage.NET seemed a simple solution that could be deployed over our existing IT hardware infrastructure. The user-friendly interface allowed us to involve our staff regardless of their technical skills and enable them to use content already created by their colleagues, further decreasing the amount of work required for updating the system.”

Howard Smith, Director at Dynamax said ‘’ It is always a pleasure to see innovation in this type of environment- as today’s employees expect that technology will not only help them do their jobs easier- but will also enable them to communicate faster. We were pleased to be selected by Merseyrail and play a part in the launch of their new company-wide communication project‘’

Dynamax’s cloud- based application powers 20 screens across Merseyrail’s five sites: Rail House, Birkenhead North, Wirral and Ellesmere Port.


About Merseyrail

Merseyrail is an urban network of vital importance to the transport infrastructure of Liverpool and the region. They run almost 800 trains per day and carry over 100,000 passengers on an average weekday.  As one of the most punctual and reliable railway networks in the UK, they top the passenger satisfaction levels league table. Merseyrail operates 66 stations including 4 city centre underground stations giving easy access to work, shopping and leisure.

To learn more about the company, please visit

About Dynamax

Dynamax Technologies is a leading designer of digital communications networks for a wide range of organisations- from Fortune Global 500 corporations and media distributors to UK small and medium enterprises. Its newest product, cloud-based application digitalsignage.NET is the software of choice of leading British AV companies and it’s used to power screens in a variety of locations across the country. To find out more about us and our latest projects, please visit

Source: Dynamax Technologies

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