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ACT-POS DragonFly Digital Media and Digital Signage Player from Assured Computing Technologies Inc

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ACT POS Digital Signage PlayerThe  DragonFly™  Digital Display Media Player from ACT-POS Digital Signage, is built in an Ultra Small Form Factor Chassis complete with Optional ’fins’ for easy VESA mounting on the rear of Large Digital Displays.

Featuring an Intel DN2800MT motherboard with an integrated Atom processor, the DragonFly is a complete Media Player or Set-Top box that can easily handle playback of your digital video with optimized High Definition video and audio playback using Intel® HD Audio Technology 4 channel.   Includes integrated Dual Display capability!
– With optional ‘fins’ that  allow you to mount the player behind the Large Screen display or on a wall, ceiling or other location, the DragonFly is small enogh to easily hide and powerful enough to handle all your needs.

Incudes advanced  mSATA Solid State 30 Gig Drive and greater, from OCZ that  gives quick boot  and steady playback with 0.1 ms seek time.  DDR 3 memory with options for up to 4 Gig of performance.

Integrated LAN 10/100/1000 gives fast connections for uploading, downloading and management of data.
Wireless Network connection is available as an additional option.

Microsoft Embedded  Windows 7 Standard allows a secure OS with smaller overhead.

Assured Computing Technologies is an Intel GOLD Partner and Microsoft OEM System Partner.

We create technology products that will give you the best value on your investment.

To learn more about our Digital Signage and Media Player solutions, please visit or

Individual and Quantity Pricing available upon request.
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Assured Computing Technologies, Inc. is a full service Technology Provider offering solutions for digital signage, point of sale in retail, hospitality, grocery, convenience stores, liquor store, beauty salons, pet stores and specialty markets. Custom solutions are the basis of our customer service. Let us create the total solution for you today. Contact us TOLL FREE (877) 627-0636

Source: Assured Computing Technologies

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