March 25, 2023

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Saddle Ranch Digital Uses Hiperwall to Create Visual Experience For JetBlue’s New Support Center

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JetBlue Airways today officially opened its new headquarters in the Long Island City neighborhood of New York, in an innovative space that features two striking three-story “Wing Walls.” These 36-foot tall digital signage installations feature dynamic video and live streaming content, creating a remarkable visual experience at the stairwell and central hub of the airline’s new home.  The Wing Walls, designed by the New York firm HLW and supported by Saddle Ranch Digital, feature 14 stacked LCD screens which transcend three floors of the building.

The creative forces of Saddle Ranch Digital teamed up with the JetBlue team to bring this innovative project to life.  The Wing Walls serve as a visually interesting destination point that crewmembers and visitors can enjoy and create communication opportunities for crewmembers as well.

Kim Sarubbi, President and CEO of Saddle Ranch Digital said, “After the initial launch, we’ll be looking to constantly push the envelope on how to keep the content interesting and create more immersive experiences.”

“The new Wing Walls nicely complement the clean look and feel of our new support center in Long Island City,” said Jenny Dervin, vice president of communications for JetBlue Airways. “We think of ourselves as a forward-leaning airline, and part of that is in delivering information in new and dynamic ways.”

The Saddle Ranch Digital team is using Hiperwall to manage the Wing Walls system. “This innovative software gives us the flexibility to combine still images, high definition video and live data feeds to create a variety of user experiences that would be prohibitively complex with any other system,” stated Sarubbi. “This platform is a key enabler of our mission to develop and deploy constantly innovative content.”

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Saddle Ranch Digital is an advanced media company specializing in digital signage strategy and custom content creation for screen media solutions.

Source: Saddle Ranch Digital

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