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Zytronic and Omnivision cooperate on multi-touch user interface with PCT sensing mechanism

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ZY328A Omnitapps menu001ZY328A Omnitapps Omniwall002ZY328A Omnitapps Omniwall004Advanced application software developer combines with leading ruggedised touchscreen solution provider to offer compelling user experiences in all environments

Public use touch sensor specialist Zytronic has taken steps to further the widespread uptake of its Projected Capacitive Technology (PCT™) touch sensor portfolio, with news of its collaboration with software supplier Omnivision. As a result, the Omnitapps platform from Omnivision is now fully compatible with Zytronic’s dual touch capable range of PCT touch sensors.

Working in conjunction with Microsoft’s Windows® 7 operating system, Omnitapps is a customisable application software package that has the capacity to support multi-touch operation on large form factor displays. It consists of an array of different professional applications that, when combined with Zytronic’s robust touch sensors and high-performance ZXY100 touch controllers, make it highly suited to user interface implementations in a variety of different sectors. These include transportation, educational, retail, public service, leisure and gaming environments. Easy to configure, this application software permits rapid upload of client content – presenting a highly flexible solution that can be customised to meet different commercial needs.

Omnitapps can distinguish between intuitive gestures including slide, zoom, swipe and rotate, as well as supporting English, German, Spanish and French keyboard options. Through this platform’s multi-touch functionality, it is possible to impart valuable information to prospective customers or members of the public, as well as delivering interactive vending and advanced multi-player gaming functions.

Its MediaWall function allows users to access social media sites such as Facebook and Linkedin, as well as viewing Flash-based websites, like YouTube. It also offers the provision for placing markers onto Google Maps (for adding useful information), or drawing onto displayed PDFs, videos, pictures and website content. In addition, it can show multiple websites simultaneously through a split screen feature.

Zytronic’s PCT-based touch sensors employ a proprietary sensing technology that sets them apart from conventional touchscreen solutions. It consists of a matrix of micro-fine capacitive elements embedded within a laminated substrate, which can be located behind a protective overlay (more than 10 cm thick).Touchscreens based on this proven technology are resistant to the various forms of mechanical damage that can potentially shorten the lifespan of resistive or surface capacitive touch solutions – such as vibration, heavy impacts, scratches, build up of dirt, extreme temperatures, exposure to potent chemicals, high humidity levels, or liquid ingress. These sensors are highly optimised for a wide variety of heavy use applications in industrial and public environments, where they can expect to be constantly ‘in the firing line’ from various forms of accidental and deliberate damage. Furthermore, unlike infrared (IR) and surface acoustic wave (SAW) touch sensor options, PCT can enable all glass, bezel-free designs resulting in smooth-fronted attractive user interfaces which are both stylish and practical to use.

“Omnitapps can distinguish between each single touch placed on the screen and enhance the touch functionality offered by Windows 7 so that more sophisticated user manipulation is possible,” states Alexander Aelberts, CEO and founder of Omnivision.“Support for PCT sensing brings a whole new dimension to this solution, expanding its scope of application.”

“A variety of different sectors are desperately looking for a mature, commercially viable solution for implementing – such as public information kiosks, interactive digital signage systems and point of sales units,” Ian Crosby, Zytronic’s Sales and Marketing Director, confirms. “By combining the operational resilience afforded by Zytronic’s hardware with the high level touch performance of Omnivision’s software designers can put iPad style functionality into almost any environment or location.”

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About Zytronic
Zytronic designs and manufactures a range of technologies that optimise the performance of electronic display applications. The company’s principle products include award-winning touchscreen technologies, optical filters for enhanced performance and protection, and special filters to minimise electromagnetic emissions. In addition, the company can offer complex shaped glass composites for specialised applications.

Zytronic products are used in electronic displays for information kiosks, web phones, ATMs and gaming machines, as well as by military, computer, telecommunications, medical and lighting OEMs, and are available from its network of worldwide distributors.

The company is headquartered at its state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Blaydon, Tyne & Wear in the UK. In addition to ISO-approved manufacturing, this facility is responsible for ongoing product development in composite technology and is home to Zytronic’s team of lamination, material science and electronics specialists.

For more company information, visit Zytronic’s web site at

About Omnivision
Since 2006, OmniVision focuses exclusively on the development of touch-enabled applications. Besides the many (off-line) single touch applications, Omnivision has expertise in Windows 7 touch, multi-touch, touch table, Android tablet and iPad applications. If you would like to learn about the capabilities of the different touchscreen solutions, please contact us for an appointment to visit our Experience Centre. You will find a selection of touchscreen applications already developed by us, as well as new possibilities.

Source: Zytronic

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