Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Digital Cloud Signage Launches, Bringing America the Most User Friendly and Feature Rich Signage Solution Available

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Free hardware upgrades and hot swaps on quantity orders are just a couple ways Digital Cloud, LLC eliminates downtime and provides a product that is never obsolete.

Digital Cloud, LLC is excited to join the digital signage arena. Their web based content management platform delivers the most feature rich and user friendly signage solution available. Literally any web compatible media source can be used to create a stunning digital display. Photos, RSS feeds, blog posts, YouTube, weather streams, web sites and much, much more can all become a part of your digital display. It is what they do to ensure the latest and greatest hardware/software combo and eliminate downtime, however, that put their client’s worries at ease. Certain Digital Cloud purchases qualify for free hardware upgrades. As software advances, it is necessary to make certain hardware can easily handle all the exciting new developments otherwise, the software is frozen in time and unable to live up to its full potential. Quantity orders come with a free hot swap media player so if there is a hardware malfunction there will be an extra device on hand to immediately replace it while the other is being fixed or replaced. These are just a couple ways Digital Cloud, LLC is providing peace of mind for digital signage users. Custom app creation and custom design services are available. View their pre-made templates which make dynamic content creation as easy as copy and paste.


Quick service restaurants, bars and pubs, grocery stores, fitness centers, casinos, banks, airports, hotels and all types retail stores are all capitalizing on the profound ability of dynamic digital signage to capture the attention of and engage their customers. Think of daily life; the hectic hustle and bustle and constant barrage of signs, sales and advertisements all turns into chaotic white noise to the typical consumer. More and more customers are turning a blind eye to standard forms of marketing communication. Developing a digital signage advertising platform in a place of business leaps through the haze of random, assorted, dull, static, advertising and truly occupies the customer’s attention. We’ve all witnessed the tunnel vision that can occur while people interact with their smart phones or lose themselves in a television show. Imagine the ability of grasping that powerful customer focus with a unique message with content developed over an afternoon without the need of an outside design agency. Then broadcast that content to one or one thousand media players from any web browser anywhere in the world.

The Digital Cloud signage platform comes ready to display RSS feeds, blog posts, tweets, Live T.V., flash, YouTube, web sites, in depth analytics and all forms of static images (pdf’s, jpg’s, png’s, gif’s, etc.) With full scheduling capabilities, make content change daily, monthly, or at certain times of the day like a menu board automatically switching from breakfast to lunch at the exact same time everyday. Contact Digital Cloud, LLC for a webinar and free software trial.

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