Monday, April 22, 2024

Harvey Norman Installs Fujivision Digital Signage Network Across Australia

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FUJIFILM logoFUJIFILM today announced that Harvey Norman, one of Australia’s largest retailers, had chosen to install its innovative Fujivision networked digital signage solution in over 100 stores nationwide.

FUJIFILM Australia Business Advisor for the company’s Fujivision and CloudNET services James Saldanha explained, “Harvey Norman are one of the country’s biggest advertisers across TV, print and online. They recognised digital signage as an important part of communicating with their customers and wanted to install a networked solution that would maximise their in-store experience.”

After a comprehensive assessment and evaluation process Harvey Norman chose Fujivision’s most advanced media player, which runs up to 6 HD channels simultaneously, to form the cornerstone of their digital signage system.

Saldanha continued, “A channel in the digital signage environment is effectively like a TV station that runs its own content. Fujivision digital signage gives Harvey Norman scalability and lower hardware costs, with different channels allowing the retailer to run department-specific content to LCD monitors around the store.”

Fujivision content is hosted on Fujifilm servers. As part of the Fujivision solution the company creates specific ads and promotions for Harvey Norman to help enhance brand and product recognition. The Fujivision system also has an efficient online proofing module that allows the retailer to review content and make changes by recording text, voice or video frame-by-frame, saving time and minimising potential errors when publishing to the network.

Ben McIntosh, General Manager Harvey Norman Computers said, “We judged the Fujivision digital signage solution as the one that best met our many in-store requirements. By using the Fujivision system we now have the potential for generating additional revenue through sales lifts and the ability to create effective co-branding opportunities with suppliers. As Fujivision is networked we are able to have our customised playlists managed on a national, state, metropolitan, store and even screen level, allowing very targeted messaging throughout the day. There is also a ‘dayparting’ feature that allows any chosen content to be run at specific times. All in all it is a very clever, intuitive and effective digital signage solution. We were also very impressed that Fujifilm provide a complete turnkey solution and could offer us everything from hardware to content management and support. With Fujivision’s proven track record and our long standing relationship with Fujifilm, we are very confident in their consistently high levels of service and support – something that is vital in the world of successful retailing.”

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