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Planar Launches First Thin Video Wall Solution Targeting Large and Growing Wall Coverings Market

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Planar Mosaic offers unprecedented flexibility to position LCD tiles, including a new square video tile, into arrays never before imagined

Planar Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: PLNR), a worldwide leader in specialty display solutions, today announced the introduction of Planar® Mosaic,the only video wall system providing three flat panel tiles, including a new square LCD, and unique features designed specifically for the global architectural wall coverings market, expected to be $26 billion in 2015, according to the Global Industry Analysts.

Combining one-of-a-kind video wall expertise with nearly 30 years of display innovation, the Planar Mosaic video wall solution was developed in direct response to a growing trend in the architecture and design industry, and unleashes architectural expression.

A large-scale prototype exhibit of the Planar Mosaic video wall system will debut February 16 through March 30 at the Cristin Tierney Gallery in New York, New York, in conjunction with video artist, Yorgo Alexopoulos.

Planar Mosaic is the only video wall system that allows designers to integrate three different LCD tile sizes and shapes—including a truly square LCD tile measuring 21.6 inches on the diagonal.

The Planar® Salvador is a trend-setting 1:1 aspect ratio tile measuring 15.6 inches / 39.5 cm on each side, that allows for creative installation and is akin to the shape of other building materials. The Planar® Vincent (48 inches / 122 cm wide) and the Planar® Pablo (40 inches / 103 cm wide) are both rectangular LCD tiles. Utilizing proprietary Mosaic Ensemble software and hardware, the tiles can be rotated at virtually any angle and mounted in any position, encouraging designers to experiment with negative space while extending project budgets.

The Planar Mosaic video wall system features LED backlit displays, consuming less energy than traditional LCD displays. The video tiles boast a slim installation depth of less than 4 inches (10.16 cm), which is compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

“The new Planar Mosaic elevates video from the realm of information to one of inspiration, and will allow installations and designs never before possible,” said Jennifer Davis, vice president of marketing at Planar Systems. “Planar is changing the rules, creating a new category of thin architecture video displays.”
Simplicity Reimagines Video Walls with Flexible Design

Architects and designers realize the impact of video tiles as a dynamic option to traditional wall coverings with Planar Mosaic. This video wall system offers three different ultra-thin LCD tile sizes elevating video to an architectural material. In projects ranging from museums to hotels, from residences to student centers, with the Planar Mosaic video wall system, video displays are no longer relegated to simply rectangles showing information.
Stunning Designs Unfold

The Mosaic Ensemble includes:

  • One-of-a-kind mounting system featuring auto-alignment posts allowing the video wall system to be installed error-free with unrestricted angles and positioning, in concave and convex patterns, or with overlapping displays while retaining the ability to front-service the displays.
  • Off-board power supply, creating a whisper quiet wall where no power outlets are required behind the tiles, reducing installation costs and site preparation. The power, video, and system control of the wall can be daisy-chained to reduce installation complexity and cost.
  • Planar Mosaic Project Designer software, which eliminates significant cost and complexity by empowering the user to design a layout of video tiles and configure the system during installation.

This unique combination of software and image processing allows the display of a single image or video over the entire layout with unmatched simplicity.

“Planar Mosaic provides an unprecedented growth opportunity for system integrators like us, opening up completely new markets and applications,” said Mary Ellen Milanese-DiStasio, President of Video Visions, Inc. “We admire the cutting-edge system architecture, the flexibility and slim profile, and Planar’s perfectly square LCD video tile, an industry first. Planar continues its tradition of delivering innovations that help us reach new audiences, solve new problems, and grow our revenues.”

Planar Mosaic will be displayed to the vibrant and growing digital signage market at the Digital Signage Expo 2012 in Las Vegas, Nevada, March 6-9. Planar Mosaic will be available for purchase through Planar’s worldwide network of authorized resellers in spring 2012. For more information, please visit http://www.planar.com/mosaic.
Planar Mosaic, Mosaic Project Designer, Vincent, Pablo, Salvador, Mosaic Ensemble are trademarks of Planar System. All rights reserved.

About Planar
Planar Systems Inc. (NASDAQ: PLNR) is a global leader in digital display technology providing premier solutions for the world’s most demanding environments. Retailers, educational institutions, government agencies, businesses, utilities and energy firms, and home theater enthusiasts all depend on Planar to provide superior performance when image experience is of the highest importance. Planar solutions are used by the world’s leading organizations in applications ranging from digital signage to simulation and from interactive kiosks to large-scale data visualization. Founded in 1983, Planar is headquartered in Oregon, USA, with offices, manufacturing partners, and customers worldwide. For more information, visit http://www.planar.com.

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