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Quividi introduces VidiCube, the versatile, turnkey measurement device for the OOH industry

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Quividi VidiCubeQuividi proudly announces the introduction of its new VidiCube product range. VidiCube is a tiny, mobile industrial device designed to measure audiences and traffic in a wide range of out of home situations.

A wide range of usages

Comprised of a small CPU and a discrete video sensor, VidiCube can be used to count entrances in a public place or a section within, analyse pathes taken by visitors, qualify their demographics, count real viewers of a media or a fixture, compute average attention times, identify different patterns depending on time or profile, etc. The video analytics processing is performed on the CPU fully anonymously and the results are delivered in a private online dashboard.

The form factor advantage

“With VidiCube, we’ve embedded our complete aware-winning software range into a multipurpose, minuscule appliance”, says Olivier Duizabo, Quividi’s CEO. The tiny size and weight of the device makes it easy to securely place a VidiCube CPU behind a screen or a poster, below a POP material or a shelf, even above a false ceiling. The use of industrial components such as SSD disks guarantee an optimal and long operation, even after a brutal power outage. The video sensor itself is a tiny lipstick-size black box, which can be attached on any of its sides and allows for detecting faces up to a staggering 9 meters away (with a 65° viewing angle); footfall and paths can be analysed in places with ceilings as high as 12 meters. Alternative video sensors are also available and VidiCube can leverage most existing IP cameras.

Simplicity at the core

Beyond the sole form factor, Quividi has worked hard to let non-IT specialists easily manage the VidiCube. With his PC or Mac laptop or even his tablet or smartphone, a user is able in a few clicks to select the operating mode, check that everything’s correct and that the sensor is correctly positioned. The audience or traffic data then automatically uploads into Quividi’s back-office solution, where the user can check the results in very detailed charts and be warned if any incident occurs. If no Internet connection is available, the data just keeps storing on the VidiCube with no risk of saturation, until a USB key is inserted and the database copied over for later internet upload from a connected machine.

The licensing advantage

VidiCube is provided as a device that users can use wherever they want, across multiple sites, locations and end customers and comes with a guaranteed 3 year data hosting policy. The VidiCube Gold version includes all features, full access to the data, support and a 1 year warranty; a Silver version is intended to users who don’t intend to move their VidiCube. As a special introductory pricing, the VidiCube Gold version is available at a price of €2,490 while the Silver version is available at €1,690, with discounts upon volume applying.

“With VidiCube, we’ve strived to deliver a versatile and affordable solution to serve the burgeonning retail metrics market”, says Duizabo. “We’ve already had tremendeous response from research agencies, retail marketing companies, POP manufacturers, banks, FMCG brands and even tradeshow organizers interested in renting the device to exhibitors. We’re now working on introducing other elements to the range”.

Source: Quividi

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