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Reflect Systems, Inc. Announces Next-Generation Digital Signage Software Suite, ReflectView 6

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Reflect Systems_logoEnhanced Software Offers Users Unmatched Control and Customization Capabilities for Digital Signage and Interactive Solution Deployments

Reflect Systems, Inc., the premier rich media solution provider that delivers immersive customer experiences through technology and integrated services, today announced the release of ReflectView 6. Building on a tradition of excellence in providing in-store digital signage and displays, the latest version of Reflect’s signature rich media suite enhances its market-leading product with developments in content and channel tagging, preview capabilities and distribution that make it easier than ever for businesses to customize, manage and transmit content seamlessly on any scale.

Recognized as the only rich media solutions provider to offer true mass scalability for deployments, ReflectView is the trusted partner for major retailers like Best Buy, Target, GameStop, and Verizon Wireless to power in-store media ranging from digital signage for merchandising to interactive applications. ReflectView 6 enhances this inherent scalability with updates to key functions creating an even more robust solution for businesses seeking to maximize their customers’ in-store experience.

Taken as a whole, these updates make it easier than ever for content managers, marketers and technology professionals to create and customize their in-store rich media operations.

Content, Channel and Playlist Tagging
New to ReflectView is an in-depth tagging system that allows users to apply descriptive tags and rules to individual files, playlists and channels, resulting in more efficient content management. The tagging system ensures the right messages are experienced in the right way and helps streamline the content management process in a number of ways:

■ Usage rules create safeguards that prevent unfavorable combinations of files, playlists or channels such as landscape files played on portrait video screens or standard-definition files displayed on high-definition channels.

■ A tiered rule system also allows users to see whether a particular file is “recommended,” “allowed,” “not recommended” or “prohibited” for a particular channel or playlist and sort accordingly.

■ Descriptive tags make it easy to search for content that meets specific criteria.

Preview Capabilities
ReflectView users now have the ability to preview content (videos and playlists) in the ReflectView Publisher as well as through a link-sharing feature that allows individual content files and full playlists to be accessed from desktops, laptops, tablets and even smartphones and experienced in the same way as at a site. This new feature has been designed with efficiency in mind as multiple viewers can preview and comment on content quickly without the hassle of access restrictions or content quality concerns.

With ReflectView 6, users have an even greater pool of data and metrics at their disposal for requesting reports. Content playback can now be evaluated using even more specific parameters including location/classifications, content tags as well as date range and content type. Access to these new report parameters allows users to provide all manner of playback reports sliced and diced to meet any reporting needs.

Reflect has also added two distinct content delivery features to ReflectView 6 designed to complement its scalability and provide greater control over management of content streams. Users are now able to employ “interrupt mode,” which pauses transfers mid-stream to allow content to be inserted for rapid delivery, and “prioritization mode,” which allows the sender to place content at varying priority levels within the transfer queue.

The latest additions to ReflectView are part of an ongoing effort by Reflect to continue delivering service that is both world-class and easily managed. ReflectView was originally introduced in 2005 and has since been employed by more than 20 major brands, retail chains and businesses, and its digital media network has been used to manage more than 250,000 screens throughout the United States and Canada.

“ReflectView 6 is truly a next-generation software suite because it builds on the successes of past models, combining breakthrough features that anticipate our clients’ needs with capabilities that exceed their expectations,” said Rick Mattock, CTO of Reflect. “Retailers look to us to help them engage and inform their customers in a manner that incites business growth and customer satisfaction. We’ve designed ReflectView 6 to ensure that they have the most comprehensive and effective digital signage system at their disposal.”

About Reflect
Founded in 2001, Reflect is a leading, national full-service provider of digital out-of-home merchandising and advertising solutions for digital signage, interactive applications and assisted shopping. ReflectView is the most flexible, scalable and proven digital media management solution on the market. Headquartered in Dallas, Reflect has a decade of industry experience developing some of the largest digital media networks in North America, including Best Buy, GameStop, Target and Verizon Wireless. Reflect serves mid- to large-size companies, specializing in retail, banking/finance, hospitality, and entertainment. For more information, please visit

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