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Panphonics Showcases Directional Audio Technologies at ISE 2012

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Panphonics, a leader in directional audio solutions, is set to unveil their latest advancements at Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) 2012. Visitors to Stand 10K113 will experience firsthand how targeted sound can significantly enhance the return on investment (ROI) of digital signage installations.

Transforming Digital Signage with Directional Audio

In the competitive landscape of digital signage, capturing and retaining customer attention is crucial, especially for advertising-driven projects. Panphonics’ directional audio technology plays a pivotal role in this by focusing sound precisely where needed, thereby increasing audience engagement.

Kari Mettala, CEO of Panphonics, highlights the impact of their technology: “Our existing customers are able to command premium prices for advertising space because directional audio holds audience attention significantly longer than silent installations. This creates a 10-fold increase in message awareness, boosting the value of audio advertisements and improving ROI for all stakeholders.”

Innovative Solutions on Display

Panphonics will demonstrate their cutting-edge products at ISE 2012:

  1. Attention BoosterTM: Designed to naturally draw customer focus to specific audio information, this solution minimizes ambient noise interference, making it ideal for high-traffic areas.
  2. Story TellerTM: Perfect for museums and exhibitions, this system delivers clear audio content even when multiple audio sources are nearby.

Engagement Opportunities

End users and system integrators are encouraged to visit Panphonics’ stand to explore the benefits of incorporating directional audio into their digital signage projects. Panphonics experts will be available for demonstrations and discussions, showcasing how their technology can revolutionize audience engagement and enhance the effectiveness of on-screen messages.

For more information, visit Panphonics at ISE 2012, Stand 10K113.

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