Thursday, September 21, 2023

Gefen Premiers Connectivity Solutions at Integrated Systems Europe

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At this year’s Integrated Systems Europe, Gefen premiers DVI, HDMI and KVM extension solutions, large matrix switchers and systems control and automation solutions.

32×32 DVI Matrix

The GefenPRO 32×32 DVI Matrix offers new exchangeable modular boards allowing for mix matrix configurations with extension of DVI to displays using CAT-5 or fiber optic cabling.

8x DVI ELR (Extra Long Range) Module for the 32×32 DVI Matrix

This new module delivers DVI to eight locations up to 100 meters away using a single CAT-5 cable. It supports resolutions up to 1920×1200 with perfect video at the receiving end. Up to four modules can be used with the 32×32 DVI Matrix.

8x DVI Fiber Optic Module for the 32×32 DVI Matrix

This modular sender/receiver system delivers DVI to eight locations using a single fiber optic cable terminated in SC up to 1000 meters in distance. Fiber optic cables guarantee a stable transmission at these long distances with zero EMI (electromagnetic interference). Up to four modules can be used with the 32×32 DVI Matrix.

Dual Link DVI Extender over CAT6

Extends one dual link DVI display up to 60 meters from the source using two CAT-6 cables, delivering resolutions up to 3840×2400 for vivid imagery at the receiving end.

2x Dual Link DVI Extender over CAT6

Extends two dual link DVI displays up to 60 meters from the source using four CAT-6 cables. High resolutions up to 3840×2400 are supported.

DVI and RS232 Over a Single Fiber Optic Cable

Delivers DVI at 1920×1200 resolutions up to 500 meters with RS-232 for control using a single multi-mode fiber optic cable terminated in SC.

Professional Automation Control System (PACS)

This product uses IP or RS-232 control for a central interface with three RS-232, eight IR emitters or ten contact closures. Video distribution, power on/off and volume levels can be controlled using a simple web interface.

Mini Professional Automation Control System (Mini PACS)

Offers the same features as the PACS in a scaled down version using a wall mountable enclosure with one RS-232, three IR emitters and two relay closures.

Gefen Audio/Video Automation System (GAVA)

GAVA controls all key A/V features in a conference room setting using IP control with the added option to automate lighting, HVAC and more using a smart phone or tablet. It is optimized for iPad, iPhone and Android devices as the control interfaces. It is very easy to program, offering an intuitive configurator process that can be managed by anyone in minutes.

Gefen ToolBox 8×8 Matrix for HDMI with FST

Switches eight hi-def sources to eight hi-def displays or projectors using HDMI. Gefen’s FST (Fast Switching Technology) guarantees an instant switch between sources for high performance systems.

8×8 Matrix for HDMI ELR with POL

Switches eight hi-def sources to eight hi-def displays or projectors. Four displays can be connected locally using HDMI cables and four displays can be extended remotely using CAT-5 cable for an ELR (Extra Long Range) extension of HDMI up to 100 meters. Gefen’s POL (Power Over Line) technology frees the receiver unit from requiring power at the remote location.

About Gefen:

Gefen supplies a wide selection of signal switchers, splitters, extenders, scalers, converters, KVM, digital signage and home theater accessories that enable audio/video and computer systems to be easily integrated, extended, distributed and optimized to maximize performance. Continual product innovations ensure the company maintains its reputation as a reliable resource for installers and integrators. The GefenTV line offers professional quality home theater accessories for plug and play operation. The Gefen ToolBox line delivers portable, wall-mounted solutions for the nuts and bolts of system integration. The GefenPRO line supplies 24/7 technical support and valuable features for demanding professional industries. All products include lifetime support from technical representatives and engineers available for consultation. Detailed product information is available at

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