Thursday, September 21, 2023

DISPLAX Unveils Multitouch Globe

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DISPLAX Interactive Systems, a 2010 Red Herring 100 company and multitouch expert, announces a multitouch surface in the shape of a dome.

This new and unique device, DISPLAX Multitouch

Globe, has 1 meter (40’’) diameter and people can interact with the contents displayed in the sphere by touching its surface. Flat surfaces are now challenged since more natural designs can be implemented and used in other contexts, in other ways and with different purposes. This evolution in the touch screen industry will be showcased for the first time at Integrated Systems Europe, held in Amsterdam, from the 31st of January to the 2nd of February.

Multitouch Globe takes advantage of DISPLAX’s patent pending projected capacitive multitouch technology. This technology is now available as a transparent flexible polymer film that can be applied to non conductive flat surfaces to turn them multitouch. Contents are displayed using a projector and a special “fish-eye” lens to adapt the projection to the spherical surface.

There are several industries where this type of device can be used, like Geographical Information Systems, Museums, TV Networks and Visitor attraction or Entertainment facilities.

Source: DISPLAX Interactive Systems

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