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Kansas Soccer Complex Getting a Kick Out of Digital Signage

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OP Soccer Field House Keywest Technology Digital SignThe Overland Park Soccer Complex is using five digital signs under the control of Keywest Technology MediaZone system to keep visitors informed about where to go and the treats available to keep them refreshed.

The Overland Park (KS) Soccer Complex is a thing of beauty with a dozen lighted synthetic turf soccer fields on 96 acres, ample stands, fan amenities and an impressive-looking field house. Completed in 2009, some 1 million people go through the facility’s gates every year, either to play, coach or watch various levels of competitive youth soccer.

On any given weekend an average of 225 teams play at the complex, which creates the monumental logistical feat for the complex of keeping teams informed on the fields where they will play and their start times.  To reduce the clutter of posting and reposting successive printed schedules, the complex installed a pair of digital signs powered by Keywest Technology’s MediaZone digital signage system in the field house. The digital signs display schedules and make it simple for teams, fans and other visitors to know where to go. They also display promotional messages for sponsors of the facility.

At the concession stand, the soccer complex relies on three digital signs under the control of Keywest Technology’s OP Soccer Field House Keywest Technology Digital SignageMediaZone digital signage system to help visitors make decisions about refreshments. The outstanding soccer complex is greatly aided by a well thought out communication strategy between both attendees and participants with digital signage providing a boost in real-time, place-based event information.

So as not to interfere with their normal duties, the staff at the soccer complex also relies on digital signage content created by Keywest Technology to keep the look and appeal of its digital signage fresh and informative. This service streamlines the communication operation, freeing up staff to concentrate on the games at hand.

Nick Nichols, president of Keywest Technology, noted, “This particular installation is a good example of putting together all of the pieces of the digital signage puzzle that make a coherent, effective system. We are proud to be part of this one-of-a-kind complex that sets a new standard of excellence in minor league soccer.”

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