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Velociti partners with Horizon Display to deploy kiosks for a first-of-its-kind community sustainability program in Charlotte, NC

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Velociti logoVelociti, Inc., a global provider of technology deployment services headquartered in Kansas City, Kan., recently partnered with Horizon Display, a leading touchscreen and digital solutions company, to deploy 64 Interactive Touch Display Kiosks in the uptown business district of Charlotte, NC. The deployment was part of Envision Charlotte, a program that uses digital grid technologies to display real-time energy data throughout the city. The goal of the initiative is to curb electricity use by as much as 20 percent over the next five years, enough to heat 40,000 homes for one year.

The community of Charlotte, NC will be able to see data about its collective energy usage via these digital displays throughout the uptown area. The hope is that through broader energy consumption awareness, consumers will be prompted to make energy saving decisions to collectively contribute towards the 20% reduction goal for the community.

Velociti, which specializes in deploying a broad range of networking, digital signage and transportation technologies, was responsible for placement and installation of all preconfigured hardware and will handle post-installation service on all 64 kiosks.

“Horizon Display has a natural ability to create quality interactive digital experiences” said Jim West, Vice President of Sales for Velociti. “We thoroughly enjoy working with them and see a great future for this dynamic partnership between Velociti and Horizon Display.”

The Horizon Display kiosk design offers an ergonomic experience, that leverages the large display to grab passerby’s attention, and the interactive technology to keep them involved, all with a minimal use of floor space. Behind the scenes, the kiosk contains a professional grade media server and 4G wireless connectivity, which make the kiosk both powerful and mobile.

“We really get energized when we see the impact our technology can have on others’ businesses and strategies. This kiosk even has an impact on the environment, and we’re proud of that. However, we know this large scale deployment wouldn’t have been possible without the experience of Velociti. Like any good solution, there must always be a good team involved,” added Matthew Cutone, VP & General Manager for Horizon Display.

“We are very excited to be involved with such a ground-breaking project,” said Deryk Powell, COO of Velociti inc. “We hope to see other major metropolitan areas follow their lead and enact similar programs to benefit our communities in such a positive way.”

About Velociti Inc.
Velociti is a global provider of technology deployment services, specializing in the installation & service of a broad range of transportation and networking technology products. Velociti’s experience allows enterprise level technology consumers to maximize ROI as a result of leveraging expert, rapid deployment. Velociti clients include many Fortune 500 companies from a wide variety of market segments including transportation, retail, distribution, manufacturing, healthcare, government, education, food service and public venues.

For more information visit or call toll free (855)-233-7210.

About Horizon Display.Horizon Display logo
Horizon Display specializes in large format touch screen solutions, user interface development and software. Headquartered in Lake Forest, Calif., Horizon Display is committed to championing the impact of visual technology as a means of communication by educating our audience, consulting our customer and becoming intimately familiar with their business objectives, while keeping true to our high ideals of integrity, response, intensity and professionalism.

For more information visit or call 949-454-4620.

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Velociti Inc.
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Horizon Display
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